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Do You Have Trouble Getting Everything All Done? 0

Do You Have Trouble Getting Everything All Done?

Sometimes our family is on such fast-forward speed, I have trouble getting to everything I want to.  I have a list of about 10 blog posts to write (we’ve done such great things in our homeschool lately!)… but somehow life gets in the way of actually putting pen to paper — errr… fingers to keyboard! Happily, it’s fun stuff that’s getting in the way these days (rather than all my...

What’s Happenin’ in Homeschool? 1

What’s Happenin’ in Homeschool?

Tis the season to be flexible! Some days we get quite a bit done, other days… not so much.  I try to keep myself calm about that.  Yesterday, for example, all our friends had a snow day. Often time we do school anyway, but the appeal of sledding and playing outside with friends won over! Today, we were back to the normal homeschool schedule. Here are some of the things...