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American Revolution Unit - Worksheets and Activities 0

American Revolution Unit

Our American Revolution Unit is more than 60+ pages and includes worksheets and notebook pages, a booklet, review cards and new chronology cards. We started the school year with a unit on the Age of Exploration (see more about this unit here)  followed by a study of colonial America (see our 13 Colonies Packet here). Then we moved on the the American Revolution! We actually started with a discussion of...

American Revolution Unit - Worksheets and Activities 0

Causes of and Events Leading to the American Revolution (60-Page Packet)

American Revolution Unit: Worksheets, Review Cards, Lapbook Page, Books, Resources, and More! Our most recent history unit was on the causes and events leading up to the American Revolution. We went into quite a bit of depth on the French and Indian War and how the colonies then became the focus of England’s attention in the post-(French and Indian)-War period as Parliament struggled to cover their expenses and tackle their...