Monthly Archive: January 2022


FREE Famous Americans Packet

Who are these Famous Americans? Do your kids know who Benjamin Banneker, Dred Scott, Elizabeth Cady Stanton; Clara Barton or Scott Joplin were? (Mine weren’t sure!) You might want to grab this FREE Famous Americans Packet to help your kids learn more! This packet provides several options for learning about these 20+ Americans.  They can research and write down what they learned, they can do some fill-in-the-blank worksheets or they...

Pathogens Worksheet Packet - bacteria viruses protozoa fungi parasites prions 0

Pathogens Packet – Bacteria Viruses Protozoa Fungi Parasites and Prions

Learn all about the six major types of pathogens in this new 100-page packet!This biology packet introduces students to the living and nonliving types of pathogens. Bacteria, protozoa, fungi and parasites/worms are all living pathogens.  Viruses and prions are examples of non-living pathogens. This new Pathogens Packet  has been added to the Biology BUNDLE. If you purchased the Biology Bundle previously feel free to email me if you need your...


Free 2022-2023 Calendar Printable

Are you looking for a free printable 2022-2023 Calendar that includes holidays, seasons, day light savings, etc.? Be sure to grab our free printable 2022-2023 calendar! Today I wanted to share our (latest) free calendar printable for the 2022-2023 school year.  This free calendar printable covers 20 months (January 2022 through August 2023). I like having a calendar that includes the holidays, the change in seasons, and things like day...