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Biology Unit Update!

175+ Page Biology Packet on Ecology Ecosystems and Biomes Feeding Relationships Food Chains & Food Pyramids Trophic Levels & the Energy Pyramid How different species interact (relationships between living organisms and their physical environment) Population and Population Growth Our Biology Packet dives deep into the study of ecology.  This packet looks at organisms at the individual, population, community, ecosystems, and biosphere level. Students will also learn about the relationships between...


Organizing Your Homeschool Learning Spaces

I have just released the second installment of our new PDF packet: Homeschool Foundations: Establishing Routines that Work.   This section section is about Organizing Your Homeschool Learning Spaces.  In this section, you will think about your home and how you want it to feel and function. Scroll down below to read through some quick homeschool organization tips! When you have the time and energy, you will dive into some...

Homeschooling - Establishing Routines that Work 0

Establishing Homeschool Routines that Work!

Homeschool Foundations: Establishing Routines that Work: Are you are looking for some general tips about creating routines, organizing and keeping on top of things during the year? This packet is designed to help you think about the strategies and routines to help your family life run smoothly. This packet is a work in progress and is currently FREE to download! For many families, the summer is an opportunity to take...