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Ancient Egypt Packet 0

Ancient Egypt Packet

This 75+page Ancient Egypt Packet includes notebook pages, ancient Egypt timeline cards, Egyptian gods & goddesses cards & activities, an Ancient Egypt lapbook – interactive notebook pages, geography materials and more! Students will learn a lot about the 3,000-year history of Egypt… from the early dynasties through the Old, Middle and New Kingdoms of ancient Egypt.  Students will also have the opportunity to learn about Egyptian mythology, learning how stories...

End of Year Homeschool Questionnaire 0

End of Year Homeschool Questionnaire – for Students, for Parents

Homeschool Reflection Questions Have you finished your homeschool year? If you did, no doubt, this one ended more dramatically than any other one, right? Whew! What a year! I usually take some time to reflect how the year went for our family.  I’m always curious to see what the kids think now that the year is over. A number of years ago, I made a questionnaire for the kids to...

Homeschooling Kindergarten - Grade 1 0

Homeschool Kindergarten – 1st Grade

This is just a really quick post to tell you that I updated the Homeschooling Kindergarten-1st Grade page and also updated the FREE 50+ Page Curriculum Resource Guide. You will find that free printable here: Creating Your Homeschool Curriculum: Kindergarten – Grade 1 FREE Homeschool Planning Guide This is a FREE 50+ page resource guide that I put together to help answer some basic questions: What subjects should I teach...