Monthly Archive: February 2010

Cinderella’s Midnight Word Game 0

Cinderella’s Midnight Word Game

Here are some of the Cinderella cards. The kids really enjoyed this game. Each player takes a turn turning over and reading the card. They keep any word they read. If a player gets a shoe card, s/he gets to take another player’s card. When the midnight card gets turned over, the round ends and the winner of that round is the player with the most cards.

Music Game — Hi Ho Cherry-O 0

Music Game — Hi Ho Cherry-O

LD and I played this today (while DD filled her cherry tree!)First we went over the value of the cards using thesandpaper notes (in black). Then as each player flippedover a card, s/he went the number of beats on the card(so LD is putting four cherries on his cherry tree becausehe turned over a whole note).

Science Center Monday: Planting Seeds 0

Science Center Monday: Planting Seeds

I never got a chance to post about our science center experiment last week. We planted seeds in various ways. 1) We put seeds on damp paper towels and hung them in the window. 2) We put sprout seeds in a jar on the dining room table. 3) We planted seeds in soil in jars (covered with glad-wrap to trap the moisture). 4) And, we planted some seeds in the...

Science Experiment Monday: Seedlings 0

Science Experiment Monday: Seedlings

We had the quickest results with the seedlings in the window.  Overall, we had a lot to talk about because the seeds on the kitchen table started to sprout — and then died when they weren’t kept moist (we went camping this weekend). And the seeds at the bottom of the bags in the window didn’t sprout because they were submerged in water. That led to some good talks about...


Rain Forest Plants Activity

Today I gathered up the various foods and spices that go along with the rain forest plant cards. The kids were intrigued and excited (“we get to TRY everything, right?!!”) To introduce the rain forests, we first did our world pin map (bottom right) and sang our continent song. Then we pulled out the biome pin map, placed the deciduous and coniferous forests (that we studied last week) and then...

Layers of the Earth Activity and Cards 0

Layers of the Earth Activity and Cards

I’ve been quite ill this week (I think I was awake for a total of three hours yesterday), so I won’t be posting very much this week. Someone shared a link to the learning ark where there was a wonderful hands on activity about the layers of the earth. There are printable layers of the earth cards at Cultivating Dharma.


Just Life

    I had a wonderful conversation with my sister the other evening. (My amazing sister who homeschools her three kids, holds a full-time job and whose husband is currently deployed for nine or ten months. Truly an amazing, inspiring person in my life.) Anyway, I was talking about how the blog world is so inaccurate and really doesn’t show what life is really like for us. The reality is,...

Elem-Children’s Music 1 (6 yr old) — Structure of Class 0

Elem-Children’s Music 1 (6 yr old) — Structure of Class

Even though we started up with music classes a couple of weeks ago, I’ve been (finally) giving more thought to the resources, games and structure I want for our ‘class’ (by that I mean me, hubby and the kids).  Each ‘class’ (sorry for that word, can’t think of an alternative!!) session lasts about 45 minutes. We usually have music class for about 12-14 weeks or so. I thought I would...

Music — Sandpaper Notes and Music Notation 0

Music — Sandpaper Notes and Music Notation

To introduce the kids to quarter notes (crotchet),half-notes (minim), whole note (semibreve), etc., I made aset of sandpaper music symbols. You can see where Igot the original idea here at laytonmusic or you candownload the paper symbols here. I’m grateful she sharedthis great idea and resource! We’ve used them blind-folded;we have them out when go over our rhythm cards, whenwe’ve played music file-folder games, etc. I often use the symbols...

Rhythm Cards 0

Rhythm Cards

I thought I’d explain how I use the rhythmcards in case you are wondering. I use thisterminology: quarter note=tahalf note= ta 2dotted half note= ta 2 3whole note= ta 2 3 42 eighth notes= ti-tirest=shh I would say the card aloud, the kids repeat. Once the kids are proficient, you can addclapping and/or rhythm sticks. I’ll give you examples of how I would “say” the cards: (Others might not do...

Introducing Quarter Notes, Half Notes and Whole Notes 0

Introducing Quarter Notes, Half Notes and Whole Notes

When I first introduced quarter notes, half notes andwhole notes to the kids, I showed the kids the sandpapernotes. They looked at the notes, felt them, and also shuttheir eyes to guess what they had. Then I showed them the rhythm pizza pieces. Westacked them and talked about how many quarter sliceswere needed to make a whole pizza, etc. I thought thiswas a clever, creative way to introduce the topic...