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Part II: Writing Activity/Letter Recognition (cont.) 0

Part II: Writing Activity/Letter Recognition (cont.)

Part II: DD had to sort her hard hat animals into different colors.Then she had to put the letters in the right order tomake the words house, flower and teddy bear. LD had to take his letters, make as many words as hecould and write them in his notebook (men, cent, pin etc). He’s been unhappy about his journal writing, but hereally enjoyed this activity.

Online Addition Games 0

Online Addition Games

Here are some quick online games LD has played to review his math facts the past few days (some are pretty easy, but some such as ghostblasters, you can work on any sum up to 50). Addition Games Shuttle Addition: Easy Addition GamesColor a butterfly with addition: Party Present Math: the addition balloons:

Experiment 6: Particle Attraction 0

Experiment 6: Particle Attraction

This is a simple lesson that shows how particles areattracted to each other. Just have them drop paper intostill water (don’t blow or move the water around) andwatch the bits of paper move toward one another. We used bits of paper from my comb binder, but anysmall pieces should work. I’ve heard that you could alsosubstitute talcum powder or baby powder, but we did nottry this.

Milky Way Galaxy Art 0

Milky Way Galaxy Art

We studied the Milky Way Galaxy and planets a bit lastyear, but since this was covered in the Montessori “FirstGreat Lesson” that we presented (in our own version)over the weekend, I thought the kids might enjoy doing acouple pictures related to what we talked about. Links about the Montessori Great Lessons (geared forearly elementary aged kids):

Milky Way Art (cont.) 0

Milky Way Art (cont.)

We did two art projects to show the spiral shaped, MilkyWay Galaxy. One was simply sparkles and shiny starspasted onto black paper. For the white pictures, the kids drew the Milky WayGalaxy with a white oil pastel. Then they painted overtheir drawing with black paint. We found that white oilpastels worked MUCH better for the kids than regularcrayola crayons.

And other school subjects… 0

And other school subjects…

We’ll be posting more about science experiments for the next few weeks (after all that’s makes for better pictures), but we are more or less back into the swing of things with: mathhandwritingjournal writing (or preschool activities for DD)German (review: greetings, numbers and animals)reading (them reading to me)book time (me reading to them)art (daily crafts/drawing — if not multiple times a day!)the kids have also been doing mazes and dot-to-dots...