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These past couple weeks also included… 0

These past couple weeks also included…

ice skating! Yes, here in central Australia in the middleof summer! We took the kids twice. We also did a trip to the Desert Park (with the nocturnalhouse as everybody’s favorite). I don’t have any picturesof the various animals there, but we always enjoywatching the bilbies, mala, various desert mice and rats,ghost bats, Western quoll and assorted lizards andsnakes. The last picture below is the “thorny devil.”

Tadpoles and Frogs 0

Tadpoles and Frogs

We had some intense rains about ten days ago whichhad the normally dry river bed flowing. The waterhas now dwindled to a trickle, but after the rainswe get a lot of tadpoles/frogs. We’ve spent twolovely mornings collecting (then releasing) tadpoles. LD had well over 20 in his container at one point today.

Preschool Peek– Word family activities and more… 0

Preschool Peek– Word family activities and more…

Here are a few things DD has done this week: Letter stamping from (membershipwebsite) DD has really enjoyed word related file folder games thisweek and has asked to do lots of them each day. Hereare a few examples of what she did: Sunflower Sight Words: The “it word” matching came from page 15 of There are more word family activities at Carl’s Corner: Frog two-letter sight words: can...

The Real Preschool Day 0

The Real Preschool Day

As I was out walking our dog this evening, I was thinkingabout my preschool posts. Just considering what I post, Ireally haven’t given a good view of what DD’s “preschoolday” really looks like. I would say the majority of theday is spent in creative play. She plays elaborate gameswith her stuffed animals, plastic animals, and doll house. She builds things with legos and K’nex with LD. She playsoutside. She, LD...

The Real Preschool Day (cont.) 0

The Real Preschool Day (cont.)

Several times a day, DD sits down to draw, make cardsand “practice writing.” She does this when LD writes inhis journal or practices his handwriting. I never suggestany of this, she chooses to do this on her own. Stickers,crayons, paper, glue and sequins are always out andavailable. (That means that the dining room table ispretty much always covered with “stuff.”) She and LD both enjoy arts and crafts and we...

Where the Wild Things Are Artwork 0

Where the Wild Things Are Artwork

I saw this art project at Deep Space Sparkle. The kidswere enthusiastic to give it a go. She explains it betterthan I do, but essentially they drew the monster withoil pastels and then used water colors over top. I was amazed at how little guidance they neededonce I explained the steps.  Even DD needed very,very little help.  It is interesting that since doing this art project, DD’sdrawings of people now...

Math Game: Color Exchange Game (Grouping 10) 0

Math Game: Color Exchange Game (Grouping 10)

In this game you need some counters (we used coloredtiles) and a deck of cards without the jokers, 10s or picturecards. Each player takes a turn. The player turns over a cardand adds that many tiles to her paper. (DD had to addyellow tiles, I added red tiles.) After she placed her tileson the yellow paper, she had to determine if there weremore than 10 tiles. If so, she took...

Beacon Second Reader (Fairy Tales) 0

Beacon Second Reader (Fairy Tales)

LD has been reading these fairy tales fromthe Beacon Second Reader aloud to me. Thisbook was published in 1914. LD and I both like the tales. You can downloadthem for free and print them out. I did this andexpect to get a lot of use out of them. (LD isalready half-way through the book.) Here are some sample pages (not everypage has an illustration) from the Shoemakerand the Elves and...

Science Resource List and Writing Continuum (K-8th grade) 0

Science Resource List and Writing Continuum (K-8th grade)

Someone in one of the yahoo groups I’m in shared this science resource:;=56%3A2009-02-26-13-13-12&id;=341%3Abooks-on-science-maths-activities&format;=pdf&option;=com_content&Itemid;=70 I briefly checked out some of the links.  Some didn’t seem to work for me, but I did enjoy this science comic on the auroras: which had a cute comic strip explaining the aurora borealis and included photos from NASA and elsewhere. I’ll be checking out more of the links soon. Someone else shared link...


Experiment 13: Red Cabbage pH Indicator, Acid-Base Tests

This month we’re doing lots of science experiments. We also have a friend with us for the remainder of the school holidays (end of January for public school kids), so the kids have been having long, imaginative play sessions most days. It doesn’t leave me with too much more to talk about on the home-schooling front. Life in general though is full to overflowing! Isn’t that the case for most...


Experiment 13: Red Cabbage Acid-Base Tests

Yesterday we prepared our red-cabbage pH indicator. We took a red cabbage, sliced it and placed it into a pot of boiling water. The heat was turned off and we let it sit for several hours. Then we drained out the cabbage and put the cabbage juice into the fridge until we were ready to try our experiment


Experiment 13: Red Cabbage Indicator

Here’s the set-up of our experiment. We don’t have any test tubes, so we used small plastic cups. I also recommend having a pH indicator color chart ((I got mine from page 13 at the  Surfing Scientist) as the kids really were excited to examine the chart to see whether it was an acid or a base and to decide how strong it was compared some of the other things...