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Homeschool Interviews: Homeschooling through a Virtual School

In this series, I have had the privilege of interviewing other homeschoolers from across the country. Here to tell us how her family got started homeschooling and what her family’s homeschool style looks like is Rachel.   Rachel’s children are twice-exceptional–gifted but with learning disabilities. They homeschool using a virtual school, a cyber school where the kids’  learning takes place online. Welcome Rachel! First, could you tell us the ages...


The Realities of Homeschooling

I’ve been posting a lot lately.  Now it’s time to step back and remind you that this is definitely only a glimpse of what we do or what life is really like for us.  You are seeing only a five to fifteen minute snippet of our day or perhaps you’re seeing snippets of several days all organized nicely into one post.  And while I love, love coming up and planning ...