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European History Packet - 1500 to 1750 Renaissance Reformation Age of Absolutism Scientific Revolution Enlightenment 0

European History Packet 1500-1750

Renaissance, Reformation, Absolutism, Scientific Revolution and Enlightenment This 90+ page European History Packet contains materials covering the period from roughly 1500-1750.  It covers the Renaissance & Reformation and goes into detail about the political rulers of this time.  It also traces some of the major intellectual changes that are going on during this period.  This packet touches on all these topics – the Renaissance, Reformation, Age of Absolutism, Scientific Revolution...

English Reformation Henry VIII worksheets 0

English Reformation: Henry VIII, Edward, Mary, Elizabeth I (Notebook Pages)

Today, I have some notebook pages to share with you about the English Reformation. (They are currently free; be sure to get them now!)  In the 1500s, the Church of England broke away from the authority of the Pope. It was during the reign of Henry VIII that Protestantism took hold in England. Henry’s marital problems and desire for a male heir led to a turbulent (often bloody) time in...