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3 Things I Need From School Break

After a busy semester, there are three things I need: a complete break from our school schedule and routine time for self-reflection time to plan We’re currently on stage 1!! We definitely need time to revitalize and become re-inspired by our studies. I’ve been fortunate to have some good quality time by myself without kids while my in-laws were here to babysit. I spent lots of time at the library...


Last Night’s Biking Adventure

Twice a week, I pack up the bike and take DD out into the (flat, but unfamiliar) neighborhoods where my other kids have gymnastics practice. The weather has been so mild we’re still able to go out even in December! I had just put white/red bike lights onto her bike since it gets dark so early now. So, last night DD and I set out on our usual (5pm) bike...

Fun Outdoor Game: Frisbee Golf 0

Fun Outdoor Game: Frisbee Golf

LD got a really fun game for his birthday that we’ve all been enjoying — Mini Frisbee Golf. It’s a huge hit! The weather’s just about perfect now to spend time outside (not too hot) so we’ve gotten lots and lots of use out of it. The game comes with six colored frisbees (four of each color), so up to six people can play.  We keep our stands pretty close...