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Just Out in Nature!

Rivers, lakes, streams, ponds… we’ve enjoyed them all this summer!  The kids had a blast at our friend’s floating dock… They got a real kick out of the fish who would come and nibble on their fingers and toes! The kids have spent lots of time exploring and playing in the creek behind our house and looking out for critters. The tadpoles have turned into little froglets and the skinks...

Nature Scavenger Hunt 0

Nature Scavenger Hunt Free Download

Are you looking for free Nature Scavenger Hunt printables? We have several fun options!  Every spring, as the weather gets nicer and nicer we spend more and more time outdoors. We’ve been doing this scavenger hunt for years. I know we’re not alone because this printable has gotten well over 50,000 downloads since I first made it years ago!! We found a lot of cool critters that very first year we did...


Photo Nature Hunt

Think Challenge: Week 6 We’re loving the spring weather here where we are, so it was time for another outdoor challenge. This is similar to the traditional nature scavenger hunt, this time using a camera. Here is the link to our  Photo Hunt check list  (pictured below). You can print out copies for your kids. And if you do, I’d love to hear a comment from you! 🙂  Here is...