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Animals Around the World (Montessori 3 Part Cards)

World Animal Packet: This 70+ page packet helps kids learn about animals on every continent! It includes Montessori 3-Part Cards, Activity Sheets for every continent, printable continent cards, a world animal game, world animal pin map activity, and more! The last two weeks I shared some of ED’s animal-related activities. She looked closely at the vertebrate-invertebrate groups and we talked a lot about the characteristics of the animals of the...


Geography Activities for 4-6 year olds

Last Thursday I talked about using the Montessori landmark cards, but I didn’t think to talk about ED’s other geography activities.  After reading through Me on the Map (which is just perfect for the 4-6 year old crowd), I had ED do an activity we had done a year and a half ago or so.  You have the kids color in and paste their location, pinpointing their location by going...


The Kids Sing the 7 Continent Song

Yesterday someone asked me how the tune to the 7 Continents song goes that we use in geography.  We decided to try our hand making a video to help. ED sang the song by herself the first time through… then all the kids joined in the other two times. When they were first learning the seven continents they pointed (at first with my help) to each continent. When they were...