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Feudalism Worksheets 0

Middle Ages – Feudalism Worksheets and Activities (an *Awesome* Simulation Activity!)

The kids learned so much from our hands-on activities about feudalism. We did a simulation of feudalism that helped the kids understand the roles and responsibilities of the various members of society. And we also studied of some well-known medieval paintings from that period. So first, a bit about our feudalism worksheets. For this unit, we are using Early Times: The Story of the Middle Ages, (affiliate link) by Suzanne...


Crusades Worksheets (Middle Ages Unit)

The past 3 or 4 weeks, we have been working on our Middle Ages unit again.  We had covered up through the 1200s or so last spring and we’ve been studying the 1300s — the Crusades, Black Plague and the Hundred Years War. We had a lot of fun watching Terry Jones’ Medieval Lives (affiliate link, but I suggest you look on youtube to see if it’s available).  The 8...

Middle Ages Hands-On Projects 0

Middle Ages Projects and Books

Middle Ages Projects and Books for Kids! As with a lot of our homeschool curriculum, we’re patching together our Middle Ages Unit.  I thought I’d share some of the books, projects, and resources we’ve been using recently as we continue through our studies of the Middle Ages. Yesterday, we got to such an exciting part of our current Middle Ages novel, that we couldn’t stop! We read aloud for nearly...