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Addition Fact Activities: Fact Families Worksheets and Game Boards

Fact Family Games and Worksheets: 30+ page Packet Fact Families 5s through 19s (plus a Doubling game board) When my kids were learning their addition facts, we played a lot of games together.  When I brought out the game boards, they would beg to play another round (and another)!! They loved them! Why learn the number families? Knowing their fact families helps a lot as kids start to work on...

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First Grade Math – Games for Math Fact Practice

Over the past couple of weeks, ED and I have been having a lot of fun with her math and she’s made some really good progress with her subtraction facts and with her skip counting. I thought I would share some of the activities she’s been up to. It had been a while since we pulled out our Fast Track math board game. That definitely infused a lot of energy and enthusiasm...