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3 Things I Need From School Break

After a busy semester, there are three things I need: a complete break from our school schedule and routine time for self-reflection time to plan We’re currently on stage 1!! We definitely need time to revitalize and become re-inspired by our studies. I’ve been fortunate to have some good quality time by myself without kids while my in-laws were here to babysit. I spent lots of time at the library...

Celebrating Father’s Day 0

Celebrating Father’s Day

We celebrated Father’s Day by going camping this weekend. It’s a bit of work getting everything ready, but once we’re out there the time away is so refreshing!  The highlight was a beautiful two-hour hike we did together.  I loved watching Dad teaching the kids to skip rocks.  I have fond memories of doing that with my Dad that as a kid! It was picturesque and peaceful and just a...