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German Worksheets: auf dem Land, der Bauernhof (in the country, the farm)

This set of German worksheets is to help kids build their vocabulary with words relating to the countryside and to farms. The first part of the packet has vocabulary related to things you might see in the countryside – auf dem land. There are vocabulary picture pages (left below), matching pages, and a word hunt worksheet. There is also one page that practices conjugating the verb sehen-to see. The second...

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Free German Worksheets for Kids

This post has some free German worksheets that you can use with beginners. These are some of the printable materials I used with my kids when they were first learning German. In this post, I’ve shared some of the resources we used as we reviewed basic words in German: numbers, colors, words around the house, words in a school room, animals, etc. Be sure to scroll all the way to...

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German Worksheets (free) and Our Plans for Learning German this Semester

Last semester, we spent time reading simple stories together in German.  There are a couple of stories we downloaded from Amazon, Peter und das Huhn and Der Kartoffel-troll.  We read them aloud together and I had the kids do a few activities related to those stories. Peter und das Huhn ($0.99) is considerably easier than any of the stories in Der Kartoffeltroll ($1.50), but the kids enjoyed them both.   We still regularly...