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AnimalCharacteristics 6

Animals and Their Characteristics (Free Worksheet)

Last week I shared the vertebrate and invertebrate sort cards that I made for my daughter.  I also wanted to go over the characteristics of the various vertebrate animal groups with her. As she sorted the animal groups we talked about some of the characteristics of each group… fish and amphibians lay their eggs in water, reptiles and  birds lay their eggs on land and so forth. We did this...

Vertebrate-Invertebrate-Sort --5 Vertebrate Groups Sort 3

Montessori Cards: Vertebrates-Invertebrates; 5 Vertebrate Groups

It is animal week for my youngest daughter. We’ve been touching on vertebrates and invertebrates since the kids were little, but I wanted to go back and make sure ED really knew the characteristics of these groups and how animals are classified. First, we went over the difference between Vertebrates and Invertebrates again. We brought out our model frog skeleton again for a closer look! Then she went over the...