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Fact Family Math Games Addition Worksheets 0

Addition Fact Activities: Fact Families Worksheets and Game Boards

Fact Family Games and Worksheets: 30+ page Packet Fact Families 5s through 19s (plus a Doubling game board) When my kids were learning their addition facts, we played a lot of games together.  When I brought out the game boards, they would beg to play another round (and another)!! They loved them! Why learn the number families? Knowing their fact families helps a lot as kids start to work on...

Free Math Games: The Great Pet Races 6

Free Math Games: The Great Pet Races

I made this selection of games to help DD practice her basic math facts again.  She’s rusty on the problems like 8+7 and 6+9.  Since she and ED really love their little pets, I drew some little critters to appeal to them! You can adjust any of these board games to suit your preschooler (by just identifying the numbers on the board) or your older child (by creating more complicated...

Addition Games 0

Addition Games

Since LD has had time on the computer playing multiplication math games, DD wanted some games of her own. Here are some of the addition and subtraction games I found for her. Funschool Alien Attack — LD was really keen to play this and the levels got progressively more challenging (13+13 or 16+17) Another game from Funschool was the Math Popper. I have the addition version pictured, but they also have...