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3 Branches of Government Worksheets

Civics and Government Unit (45+ pages!) This unit covers the 3 Branches of Government The Constitution & Bill of Rights The Presidential Cabinet Positions How a Bill becomes Law Civics Review (symbols, landmarks) Federal vs. State Governments and more! I have added in a number of new worksheets on the 3 branches of government to the Civics and Government Unit.  These pages cover things like how old you have to...

Civics and Government Unit 0

U.S. Civics and Government Unit (3 Branches of Government and More!)

  We are doing a Civics and Government Unit.  I made this packet for the kids because I couldn’t find a homeschool unit that covered everything I wanted to include. Not only are we covering the 3 branches of government, the Constitution and “basic facts” about the U.S., but we’re also going to cover some new material (for us)… how State and Local governments work, what the federal, state and local governments...