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Preschool at Home: Science for 2-5 Year Olds (and Up!)

Amazing, Fun Science To Wow the Little Ones! One of the wonderful things I love about homeschooling is all the hands-on activities you can do with kids.  In the preschool years, I scoured the Internet and various science experiment books to find things that would intrigue and excite the kids… and that they could have a hand in doing.  Most of the things we did were done using household ingredients....

Fast Track Multiplication Facts Game 2

Fun Multiplication Facts Practice

Last week DD played many, many rounds of Fast Track.  This is an idea I got years ago from Peggy Kaye’s wonderful book, Games for Math: Playful Ways to Help Your Child Learn Math, From Kindergarten to Third Grade (affiliate link). We used the little Pokemon-themed flashcards I made for her a month or so ago… she’s working hard on those multiplication facts! This is a homemade board with several...

Valentines Multiplication Worksheets 4

Valentine’s Multiplication Worksheets and Game Boards

Today, I thought I’d first share a couple of the games I made for the kids for Valentine’s Day since it’s quickly approaching.  These games are free to download. 🙂 The first set are multiplication worksheets and game boards to practice the 4s and 6s times tables. **DD only started working on these today (Monday) and I saw there was an error on her paper.  I corrected it and re-posted the...

Homeschool Workboxes 8

Assess Your Homeschool Philosophy: Are you happy with *how* you are homeschooling?

There are so many different styles of homeschooling and each family will pick and choose the elements that suits their homeschool style. If your homeschooling is anything like ours it evolves continually as you find what suits each child. Some of the homeschool styles you may have heard about include: Classical education Charlotte Mason Montessori Unschooling Unit Studies Virtual Homeschooling Waldorf Eclectic Living Books — Well, I’ve never heard anything...


Fairy Tale Unit: The Emperor’s New Clothes

Emperor’s New Clothes Craft: Shopping for the Emperor’s New Clothes This activity was a big hit!  I cut out a felt emperor, shirts, pants, shoes, a robe, and a crown.  Each had a set price (see the sheet below). Then I gave the kids $5.00 or $8.00 to go shopping for the emperor.  A great review of money and DD in particular has learned a lot and done this activity...