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Free Percentages and Fractions Math Worksheets 0

Free Percentages and Fractions Math Worksheets

My daughter is working on percentages and still needs some practice on fractions. I made her a set of practice worksheets. The Percentages and Fraction Math Worksheets are free if you can use them. 🙂 I showed you why I have the boxes… that’s just to help my daughter see the steps needs to take to solve percentage problems (she’s new to these types of problems). As I mention in...

Preschool Activities 0

A Huge List of Activities for Ages 2-5

I know that I have a lot of readers with younger kids. I thought I would try to start writing a new weekly series to highlight some of the things we used to do when the kids were between 2 and 5-years old or so. It can be difficult to balance kids of different ages… especially when you have a rambunctious, active toddler and/or preschooler in the mix!! You can...

Civil Rights Movement Timeline Activity Notebook Pages Worksheets 0

Civil Rights Movement Materials

Hey everyone! I have a ton of Civil Rights Materials that are currently FREE to download. I think there are four separate pdfs.  I’m am trying to compile all of those pdfs/resources into one page to make it easier to access.  Since this new page won’t show up in the blog feed, I wanted to be sure to link to the new page: homeschoolden.com/civil-rights-movement/ Key Events of the Civil Rights...

Free Homeschool Planner - Weekly Homeschool Planning Pages and More 0

Free Homeschool Planner – 20-page Update Added!

This afternoon, I added in about 20 new pages to our free Homeschool Planner.  I have been adding to this file for ages because I change up my own homeschool planner frequently! This Homeschool Planner pdf is now well over 125+ pages! Recently, I’ve been printing out two pages for each week. One is a grid with 9 areas where I can jot down some notes about each subject area…...

Snow Much Fun - Jan 2019 Snowfall! 0

It’s Snow Much Fun!

Snow Day! There’s something so magical about a big snowfall… all activities are canceled, fridge is stocked, and there are fun things to do outdoors! We spent a lot of time outside today enjoying the snow! I went for a really lovely walk in the woods with Boomer.ED and I went sledding down the hill together a number of times. We were completely sprayed with snow… and buried by the...

German Worksheets for Kids - die Familie the Family 0

German Worksheets – die Familie The Family

The German Worksheet Packet on die Familie has been updated and is now over 40+ pages!  This packet will help kids to learn the basic German vocabulary about the family. There are matching worksheets, translation from German to English and English to German, der/die/das worksheets, and worksheets on plurals. Plus, there are matching cards (picture to German) and a bingo game with 6 bingo cards. German Worksheets for Kids: I...

Motivation and Control 0

Exploring Motivation, Control & Decision Making with the Kids

We are always trying to encourage our kids on this wonderful homeschool journey, right?! This semester we started off with a family discussion… a discussion that I hope will get to the heart of the kids’ own motivation, self-determination and the path they’ll/we’ll be creating for this semester. You guys know it, I am a planner. I am a curriculum creator… but when it comes to the day-to-day I am...

Spanish Curriculum for Elementary Students - Elementary Spanish Curriculum 0

Elementary Spanish Program for the Homeschool Family

Spanish for Elementary Students (Open Enrollment Through Jan. 14th, 2019) Are you looking for an Spanish program for your elementary-age student/s created by a native Spanish teacher with 20+ years of teaching experience? Want an online course that builds progressively from topic to topic? Want a program that helps your student develop a good accent? Want your child to be able to speak in sentences? I have a great recommendation...

Modern Art Packet - Impressionism and Post-Impressionism Worksheets - Interactive Notebook Activities 0

Modern Art Packet including 20+ Artists – Notebook Pages and More!

This new 25+ page Modern Art Packet is currently free to download! This packet starts with an overview of Modern Art – from impressionism, neo-impressionism & post-impressionism through fauvism, cubism… pop art and more!  We spent the most time on the impressionist and post-impressionist artists so there are a number of pages on artists such as Renoir, Monet, Degas, Casssatt, Van Gogh, Seurat and others.  The Modern Art packet also...

Homeschooling After the Holidays 0

How to Start Homeschooling After the Holidays

I am still in full holiday mode (and as I mentioned on FB, it’s after noon and I am *still* in my PJs), but I spent a little time updating this post with tips on How to Start Homeschooling After the Holidays. When (and only when!) you are ready, you can read this post here: Meanwhile, enjoy your Holiday Break! ~Liesl


Happy Holidays!

Wishing you and yours a wonderful holiday season!  May your holiday season be filled with wonder, joy, good health, and happy memories! ~Liesl, Tony and the Kids

FREE 2019-2020 School Year Calendar printable 0

Free 2019-2020 Calendar Printable

Today I wanted to share our (latest) free calendar printable, 2019-2020.  This free calendar printable covers 20 months (January 2019 through August 2020). It starts in January 2019 and includes the 2019-2020 school year through August 2020. I like having a calendar that includes the holidays, the change in seasons, and things like day light saving which is why I’ve been making my own printable and update it from time-to-time!!...

Ultimate Hands-On Homeschooling Guide 0

Why Hands-On Homeschooling is Amazing!

Hands-On Homeschool Activities Your Ultimate Hands-On Homeschooling Guide Make Learning Memorable, Exciting, and Engaging! I wanted to let you know that I added a New Page: Hands On Homeschool Activities. This is a page (rather than a blog post), so I wanted to link to it here – for those of you who come to the blog from time to time to check out our latest posts! (As a new page,...

R-Blend Worksheets and Games 0

R-Blend Worksheets and Games

R-Blend Worksheets and Games This 30+page R-Blend packet has been added to the Blends Bundle! This is the second in a series of three Consonant Blends Activity Packets. This consonant blend BUNDLE includes R-Blend, L-Blend and S-Blend worksheets and activities. This set focuses on the R-Blends such as br cr dr fr gr pr and tr. There are practice worksheets that include tracing, write in the consonant blends (br, cr,...