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Alien Eyes 0

Alien Eyes

When we were on holiday the kids saw a showcalled “Playschool.” LD saw how to make alieneyes and yesterday he got all the materials heneeded and made himself and the girls alieneyes. I didn’t help in any way shape or form (noteven to find the glue)… a first!!

Map Treasure Hunt 0

Map Treasure Hunt

Every now and then we bring out this map activity (fromwhen we studied pirates, maps and treasure hunts). Forthis activity we map out our house with all the rooms and thebasic furniture.  They get a favorite toy and I hide it somewhere inthe house.  Then I put an X on the map to mark the spot wherethe item was hidden.  They are real pros at this activity now andI have...

Painting Time 0

Painting Time

ED has really enjoyed painting this past week. She’s gottenher paint shirt and asked to paint numerous times this week. Shedidn’t really get into the marble painting, mostly she likedholding the marble in her hand. Then she laughed and signed“yucky” over and over and over with her bright blue hands!

Flower Unit — Hammering Flowers!  Flower Window Decorations 0

Flower Unit — Hammering Flowers! Flower Window Decorations

When we were in Canberra we went to Floriade, a yearlyflower festival. DD decided that she wanted to do a flowerunit when we got home. Today was our first day of activities.We collected flowers from our yard and from our neighbor’sbeautiful garden (with permission, of course!) We used theflowers to hammer them into cards. They turned out reallypretty and you could use this for a symmetry activity as well.We also...

Cornstarch Clay 0

Cornstarch Clay

Yesterday we made our own cornstarch clay (idea fromhttp://scrumdillydo.blogspot.com/2009/06/clay-prints-in-two-parts.html)I really like the consistancy of the dough (though it’s saltyso I had the kids wash their hands with sorbolene afterthey were done). LD made jets and DD made necklaceornaments. We poked holes in the cutouts with the end ofa paintbrush. Of course, ED enjoyed working with us andpoked holes in her clay! 1 cup cornstarch1 cup baking soda1/2 cup table salt1...

Other general activities 1

Other general activities

I haven’t had a chance to reload our workboxes yet, butthey were still full from before our trip. What was terrificyesterday was that the kids selected activities from the workboxesall afternoon (these pictured below AND the basics like math,piano, writing,  reading, etc.)  The kids have “fallen back to oldhabits” which in this case is just wonderful! I love workboxes!

Math — Place Value 0

Math — Place Value

Here are a couple of our math activities. It’s been aboutsix weeks since we last worked with place value, so we’redoing some review. We used purple dots from MontessoriMaterials (see side bar); you can print them out for free.For 1000, I put ten 100s together with a brad. In the second picture, we are using an activity fromPeggy Kaye’s Games for Learning. This is a wonderfulbook, probably one of THE...

Writing Journal 0

Writing Journal

LD has a writing journal. Activities really vary. Forexample, I’ve asked him questions like“What did you do over the school holidays?”“What is your favorite type of junk food?”“What is your phone number?” and“Look at your fingers. Your finger tips areall different. Draw two of your finger printsbelow. Label them.” This idea below I got from Peggy Kaye’s Games forWriting. What a great resource! (Sorry if I’m soundinga bit like an...

A New Felt Board 0

A New Felt Board

Yesterday (well, late last night, actually!) I made a new feltboard. DD got up and played with it right away. It’s greatwhen something relatively easy is such a big hit. I give moredetails about how I made it in the following posts.

Making a Felt Board 2

Making a Felt Board

We just got home from Sydney and Canberra (I posted afew pictures below and will post more later this week), butI had a bee in my bonnet and made a new felt boardlate last night! I scoured the internet for felt boards made by other people.This is what I decided upon. I bought a large piece of feltfrom a fabric store and two canvas panels for painting. Iput three holes...

Felt Board Play 0

Felt Board Play

Here are some ways the felt board can be used. You canuse it for free play (shapes), dress up play (like the bearin the last picture below, laminated pictures like thefairies you see below (just tape a piece of sandpaper on theback) and patches. I happened to have lots of patchesaround that I never used. They’re pretty and work wellon the felt board.  Someone else suggested using felt boardsfor letters...

Water Gun Filler 0

Water Gun Filler

I saw this craft (I think on the Crafty Crow, butI’ll add the link later) and happened to mention thisto LD yesterday. First things this morning he wanted tomake it. Everyone got into the action.