Now-BlogA blog within a blog! Brilliant! I heard this idea on a podcast I was listening to and thought that I just *had* to start that.  Why? My blog has definitely changed and shifted since I first started writing it in 2009.  Now, it’s more like a resource than as a “diary” of our daily/weekly happenings.  For example, our Human Body Systems worksheets have had well over 100,000 hits and not far behind that are posts on the Digestive System, their/they’re/there & it’s/its worksheets, the three types of rocks (our activities and free worksheets), comma rules worksheets, Simple Machines packet, Preschool at Home: Science for 2 to 5 year olds (and up),  and our free German Worksheets for Kids pages.  So recognizing that my readers might have different needs than me, I’ve been somehow filtering out some of the “stuff” I want to write… the little tidbits about life that I want to remember.  Thus, this page. This is my place for sharing what’s going on right now, the trivial stuff that don’t “deserve” posts of their own.

I think to help make this make more sense I’m going to date it and add in the kids’ ages.  Today (the first day I’m starting this Now-Blog it’s 12/16/2015: 12, 10, 7, it’s December 2015, LD is 12, DD is 10 and ED is 7.) As with most blogs, I will add things to the top, so entries will be in reverse chronological order. I’ll separate each new entry with a line. So, off we go!



ED had her very first rhythmic gymnastics meet. (She’s on level 4.)  She got 2nd place in the hoop and was 4th on the floor and rope.  She had a lot of fun. The picture on the right is from a practice meet (we got video during the meet itself).

Meanwhile, DD sang “Tomorrow” from Annie in the Variety (Talent) Show that same evening. She got lots of compliments (and her parents were proud too!).

LD has also been competing this season (boys gymnastics). There are only three boys on Level 6 this year, but their team has come in first place in almost all of the meets so far this season. 🙂 His best events have been p-bar and vault.   It’s been a good season for their team.


DD was in her very first musical, Narnia.  She loved it! She was in the chorus and was a skunk in Aslan’s army! Very fun!  She loved it so much she said she wants to try out for another production.


1/5/2016 12, 10, 7

The kids are going to do short presentations on one of the biomes. As we were reviewing what the biomes were, we talked about the two different kinds of forest. They got deciduous… and then they were trying to remember the name of the other… “I know, I know,” shouted DD… “CARNIVOROUS!” She quickly realized what she had said, “I mean coniferous” but by that time it was too late. We were all laughing pretty hard!!

12/17/2015: 12, 10, 7

You know you’ve had a good day when you reclaim the living room furniture!! (Of course, notice how dark the photo is… we didn’t actually get it completely clear until 11pm at night!!)

LaundryHubby is off to see the opening of the new Star Wars movie. (at 11:30pm!)  Me? I’m heading to bed!!

12/16/2015: 12, 10, 7ED-Rhythmic

This past weekend was absolutely crazy because we had so much going on.  On Saturday, LD had an out-of-state gymnastics meet.  Meanwhile, DD had Narnia practice and ED had practice for showcase in the afternoon. We had a Christmas party followed by dress rehearsal for the choir concert on Sunday.  Then we rushed over for ED’s rhythmic show. (She’s on the rhythmic team.) She did her hoop routine and looked just great! (Proud Mom here, obviously!) She’ll be competing for the first time next month (level 4).

Yesterday, Tuesday, LD had some minor surgery… on his tongue!  He was tongue tied and so the dentist wanted to cut the frenulum so his tongue could move around a bit easier.  We had to drive about 45 minutes from here to the office that had a laser machine. Once we were there we waited for two hours because the machine wasn’t booting up! On the last attempt, it somehow miraculously jumped back to life, so LD had the procedure done after all. Not pleasant for him, but it was important because the tongue plays such an important role cleaning the teeth and now he’ll be able to reach the ones in back.

Once we got back from that we barely had time to get to art class (the end-of-semester party).  DD and LD love their art teacher and have had a great semester. My favorite of the pieces they’ve done this year is still the one from back in September. I have the girls’ pictures hanging in my office area (see below). While they were at art class, I spent time working in the library. Then we all headed home.  It wasn’t until later that I realized I had left my phone there at the library.  Ack!  Luckily, it wasn’t too far out of Hubby’s way to grab that for me (b/c it’s a 20 minute drive to get there and of course DD had Narnia practice 20 minutes away in the complete opposite direction.  So, Hubby to the rescue.  I can’t believe I did that!)

Art-DD-EDA few more quick things I want to mention.  A week or so ago I was coming home around 9pm.  As I drove down the windy road (it has a speed limit of 45), a deer jumped right out in front of me.  Holy cow, it scared the day lights out of me!  I managed to slow enough and swerve just enough that I didn’t hit it, but it was SO close!

Then the other quick story is that Hubby had a small accident with the trailer… it rolled down the hill into the blueberry garden and smashed the fence below.  Yikes!  He was okay, the trailer is basically okay, but part of the fence was completely demolished. 🙁  We were able to pull the trailer up with minimal difficulty.  Then I went directly to jail… with DD… for a Girl Scout tour, that is!! But honestly, things like that don’t matter in the grand scheme of things, do they?!  A good friend of mine’s husband was in a very bad accident about a week ago; his car was totaled and he had a very bad broken leg. But she felt absolutely grateful that he was alive and well (and so was the other driver).

Changing subjects to Christmas… The kids decided we’d have an artificial tree this year.  We’ve been so busy the past couple of weekends that we only put the tree up this evening! LD brought up the boxes of decorations and the tree. We waited until after ED was home from rhythmic (9pm!) to decorate the tree. (LD stayed home from practice because his mouth was still fairly sore today. Normally he has practice from 4:30-8:30 as well.). We did have other decorations up, but we were definitely overdue for the tree!

DSC00096That’s life in a nutshell right now. Busy, but honestly life is really, really great!!  ~Liesl