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Hibernation Unit for Kids 0

Hibernation Unit

Today I have a new Hibernation Unit to share with you today! It is more than 25 pages and covers: why animals hibernate, terms such as torpor, brumation, estivation, diapause, endotherms vs. ectotherms. Plus, it covers where animals spend the winter and the dangers of hibernation. It includes various activities such as notebook pages, interactive notebook/lapbook pieces, matching and tracing pages. Note: This unit has been added to the Winter...

Winter Math Packet Addition Subtraction Activities Games 2

Winter Math Packet (Addition, Subtraction & more)

Over the break, I created a new Winter-themed math packet and just added this new pdf to the Addition Bundle. (The cost of the addition bundle is still the same!) It includes a couple of fun games, plus various worksheets and math challenges.  The winter math game board you see comes with math spinners and game cards that can be used in a number of different ways. There is also...

Winter Packet for Early Elementary 0

Winter Packet: Earth’s Axis/Seasons, The Arctic vs. Antarctica, Polar Animals and More (75+ pages)

The past few weeks, my daughter has been doing a big Winter Unit. The first part is about 60 pages and covers topics such as Earth’s axis, the months and seasons, the Arctic vs. Antarctica, and goes in depth about various polar animals. The second part, pages 63 to 78, includes some PreK activities. This is a really fun winter unit with lots of hands-on activities, lapbook/interactive notebook pieces, various worksheets...