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States of Matter: Solid, Liquid, Gas 1

States of Matter: Solid, Liquid, Gas

Last week we did a sorting activity on solids, liquids and gases. This activity was actually quite challenging for them, so we’ll have to repeat it a number of times in the near future. After they sorted the cards together (with help from me), we ran around the house and collected one example of each and presented it to the others. You may be interested in how we covered this...

Science Center Monday — Water Surface Tension Experiments 0

Science Center Monday — Water Surface Tension Experiments

It has been a very busy week and I’m just now gettingaround to talking about this week’s science experiment. We talked about surface tension this week and how askin-like layer (called a meniscus) forms on the top ofthe water. We saw how this allows water to rise up overthe top of the little cup. All three of the kids repeated these experiments anumber of times. They especially liked using the...

Science Center Monday — Experiments: Float a Needle; Soap Propelled Boat 0

Science Center Monday — Experiments: Float a Needle; Soap Propelled Boat

Our third little experiment was to try tofloat a needle. First, we dropped a needle from up high, thenlower and lower to see what happened. Nomatter how close we were to the top of thewater, the needle sank. Then I said we were going to try to make aneedle float. The excitement and anticipation built… Gently the kids placed their needles on asmall piece of tissue paper. We watchedas the...


Living and Non Living Sorting Activities

If you’ve read about our activities for a while, you’ll see that we tend to repeat things quite a bit. This week, I stuck the living, non-living sorting into the workbox once again. DD really enjoyed it (LD only did the cards below and that was only because DD asked him to!) I can’t remember where I got the file folder game on the top left. The one on the...


Telegraph Station

The cicadas are out now and I promised LD that wecould go to the park to hunt for cicadas. I packed a picniclunch and we headed there after Kindergym (for ED). At first the only wildlife we saw were the birds (galahs,middle picture and the crested pigeon, bottom). Please like & share:


Bull Ant

Then we saw the dreaded bull ant (these ants are an inch long and inject an acid that REALLY hurts). Poor DD has been bitten by these several times (but not yesterday!) I was even nervous taking these photos because the ants are so aggressive! Please like & share:


Little Critters

But then after our picnic lunch we went down closer to the (now mostly dry) river bed and saw lots of little critters– a little frog, a cicada coming out of its shell and a large 6-inch/15 cm praying mantis. By the way, once the cicada has dried, it is orange and black we just happened on it in the ten minutes or so when it’s still drying and the...


Biomes Pin Map

Today we started our big unit on biomes (deserts, forests, tundra, etc.) and animal habitats. I’m so excited about the pin map I made! I bought the picture cards set of biomes from (for $2.00 US). I printed them out along with some of the smaller photos.  (See the photo below this post.) I printed out the world biome map and the key from Then I combined the...


World Biomes — Homemade Pin Map

World Biomes Pin Map – Rain Forest, Desert, Savanna, Tundra and More For the map and pieces to this map click the link above!! I was pretty excited with how this turned out! I made this over the Christmas holidays and have been itching to show the kids. What do you think?!!  This is the full version, but I’ll be using it piece-meal as we cover a new biome. Again, continue on to this...

Forest Biome (Woodland Animal Habitat) 4

Forest Biome (Woodland Animal Habitat)

————– Here’s what we did today with our forest biome study: 1) We sang the continent song and the kids placed the continents in the world map (the world pin map is at the top right almost out of the picture). 2) We talked about the fact that different places in the world have different temperatures and different climates (ie. different biomes). We talked about our own climate (a desert)...

Science Center Monday: Making a Periscope 0

Science Center Monday: Making a Periscope

My son really enjoys spy gear. Making a periscope (whichhe immediately started calling a “spy scope”) was rightup his alley!! Today’s science experiment was very simple and took lessthan 15 minutes. We took a long tubular box, cut a flap onopposite sides and opposite ends of the box, glued a smallmirror to the flap and taped it the flap on the inside of thebox at a 45 degree angle (make...