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The Three Types of Rocks

The first thing we did together was to sing the “Rock Song.” It was to the tune of Row, Row, Row Your Boat and talked about how sedimentary, igneous and metamorphic rocks are formed. Then he put the cards in the rocks and minerals chart. He really loved that and thought the chart/cards were “cool.” Don’t miss our FREE Rocks and Minerals Packet . We also have a Free Worksheet...

Sedimentary Rock Activity 6

Sedimentary Rock Activity

For sedimentary rocks, we talked about how the rocks were formed by layers building up one a-top the other. Then we made our own sedimentary layers. We had different colors of sand (I added food dye of various colors to the sand and mixed it together the night before). We also collected dried up leaves and small pebbles to add to the layers. You might also be interested in these...

Igneous Rock Activity 0

Igneous Rock Activity

In talking about igneous rocks, we looked at the cards from and talked about how some lava cools quickly (like obsideon) and some cools slowly (like granite). Melting wax from a candle was like lava cooling quickly and after the wax had cooled for a few moments we felt how smooth it was and compared that to the obsideon rocks we have from the rock kit. You might also...

Metamorphic Rock Activity 2

Metamorphic Rock Activity

We talked about what a geologist does and brought out this “land recreation.” LD and DD took turns taking “core samples” from the earth with the straw. They could tell that it was made of different layers. Metamorphic rocks are made when pressure and heat change the rocks. The oven was our ‘heat and pressure source’ for creating these “metamorphic rocks. Then we took rock samples (below) and looked not...

Bird Feeder 0

Bird Feeder

LD and I hammered together this veryprimitive looking bird feeder. We wanted toattract the Honeyeaters (birds). He filled thecontainers with water, water and sugar, waterand honey, and water and squeezed orangejuice to see which one the birds were attractedto. Please like & share:

Lizard Skin 0

Lizard Skin

We’ve seen lots of snakes skins at the ReptileCentre, but hadn’t ever seen a lizard skin. Ourreadings about reptiles talked about how lizardsshed their skins whole. Today we were excitedto find a nearly complete lizard skin (about 6inches/15cm long) floating in the water. It’s so great when nature reinforces our homelearning!! Yes, LD wanted to take it home and yes(of course) I let him. Sometimes I’m more excitedthan the kids!...

Vertebrates: Birds (3-part cards and bird videos) 2

Vertebrates: Birds (3-part cards and bird videos)

Here are the bird cards I made (link to download is on the sidebar). There are smaller photos as well, but I wound up not using them (oh well), but they do tell you where these birds are located. Anyway, I chose these particular birds because I selected some short (3 to 8 minute long) videos from you-tube that I chose to show the kids. Today after sorting the five...


Invertebrates/Vertebrates; The Five Vertebrate Groups

The kids separated things into invertebrate and vertebrate cards. I’m pretty sure those cards were from here. Then we talked about the five vertebrate groups. I made the labels you see below. We have the 5 Animal Kingdom cards here: Vertebrate-Invertebrate Montessori Sort Cards DD used the animal sorting cards from that you see on the pink file folder here. By the way, we’re going to be sorting the...

Theme Time: Human Body 2

Theme Time: Human Body

I set out some activities related to the humanbody on Thursday, but we didn’t get to themuntil Friday. On Thursday, we went to a wonderful show aboutdinosaurs. It’s a show based at the museum inSydney but they brought it here for a couple of days.Essentially it was a puppet show with dinosaurs.LD and DD both got to go on stage — and LD wasalso in the ultimate act–being “eaten” by...

Theme Time: Human Body 0

Theme Time: Human Body

In this activity we talked about various handicapsand physical disabilities. Then we talked aboutarthritis and how difficult it would be to be inpain and have swollen joints and so forth. I thentaped Popsicle sticks to their fingers and theytried to see if they could pick things up withtheir fingers immobilized. The last picture is of the inside of a pomegranate.We had never had one before and tried it atlunch. LD...

Reptiles 3-part card; Pin-map activity 8

Reptiles 3-part card; Pin-map activity

We’ve been reading lots of books on snakes, chameleons, lizards and various reptiles. We recently visited the Reptile Centre and yesterday visited the Desert Park which has a great selection of reptiles too. Did you know that you can easily tell a legless lizard from a snake? Lizards have ear slits and snakes don’t. Though, with the snakes we have here, I’m not sure I ever want to go close...

Science Center Monday: Germs 0

Science Center Monday: Germs

This week, we didn’t do a science experiment. Instead weread all about germs, what kind of germs there are(bacteria, viruses, fungi and protozoa), what is good and badabout germs, where they live and so forth.  Then we all createdour own books (with lots of silly germ pictures!):LD, top leftme, top right (I enjoyed it as much as the kids!)ED bottom leftDD bottom right Please like & share: