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Experiment 4: The Results 0

Experiment 4: The Results

At first, the dye was suspended in the oil, but quickly the“fireworks” began. The red separated out first, followedby the blue and yellow (which looked green). We alllay on the floor and said “ooooh” a lot! This really wasa good experiment for the littlies. Please like & share:

Experiment 5: Science in the Kitchen 0

Experiment 5: Science in the Kitchen

After many of our experiments, LD and DD want tocreate their own experiments. They add all kinds ofingredients to see what happens. In this “experiment”they added (as I recall): water, vinegar, baking soda, margarine, flour, yeast,peppermint, cinnamon, food coloring and pepper. They took it out to the garden to see what it woulddo to the ant trail. I heard that their “ant poison”worked (I was cooking dinner and didn’t observe)....