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World Animals Activities (Board Game & Pin Map)

I’ve just added 10 new pages to our World Animals Packet, making it over 70 pages! If your kids love animals, they are going to have fun with these two new activities!  In this fun board game, players race around the game board trying to be the first to collect an animal from each continent. If they are the first to cover all the continents on their player card, they...

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Animal Unit – Feather, Fur, Scales or Skin Pages Added!

As many of you know, we have a 50+ page animal packet that is about the different types of animals (vertebrates, invertebrates), animal characteristics, insects vs. spiders, domesticated vs. wild animals, animal tracks and much more!  I wanted to let you all know that I have added in about a dozen new pages!! Note: For those of you who purchased this unit already, you should have received an email from...

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World Animal Packet (60+ pages)

Animals of the 7 Continents (World Animals Unit) When my kids were roughly 3-7 years old or so, we spent time learning about the 7 continents and animals of each continent.  At the time, I made some Montessori 3-part cards of the World Animals: It was time to update this file and I added in more than 50 pages. It’s now has well over 60+ pages of activities! How to...