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Experiment 2: Shine Your (US) Pennies 0

Experiment 2: Shine Your (US) Pennies

In Australia we have 5, 10, 20, 50 cent coins and twogold coins $1 and $2. For this experiment we neededUS pennies. 1) We prepared 4 bowls with vinegar, water, salt and vinegar,salt and water. 2) The kids (each did their own experiment) added a pennyto each bowl. 3) We observed after 5, 10 and 15 minutes to discover whyscientists combine certain chemicals. Experiment from: Mudpies to Magnets Please like...

Experiment 2: Shiny Penny Results 0

Experiment 2: Shiny Penny Results

LD found that the vinegar/salt combination was theshiniest. Interestingly, DD’s vinegar/salt soaked penny was NOTthe shiniest in her group (I think the water/saltcombination was). Because of this we talked about theneed for scientists to perform experiments over and over. Please like & share:

Experiment 3: Slurping Celery 0

Experiment 3: Slurping Celery

What you need: 1) Take a stalk of celery, cut the stem and slice the celeryup the center. 2) Stand the celery up in two pots. Fill the cups withwater and add 2 drops of dye to each cup. (I let the kidschoose their own colors, but you get the best results withred and blue). 3) Observe every 15 minutes. 4) Since ED also participated we did a stalk from...

Experiment 3: The Celery Slurping Results 0

Experiment 3: The Celery Slurping Results

We got almost immediate results from ED’s celery whereshe took a big bite out of the stem! It made for interestingdiscussions as to why so much dye accumulated on thatside. When I asked LD why the water was going up the stalkwhen gravity pulls things down, he first answered, “Maybeit’s evaporating.” (Hmm… but it’s not hot in here I pointedout.) “Maybe it’s crawling. Wait but it’s not alive,” hequickly added....

Experiment 4: The Results 0

Experiment 4: The Results

At first, the dye was suspended in the oil, but quickly the“fireworks” began. The red separated out first, followedby the blue and yellow (which looked green). We alllay on the floor and said “ooooh” a lot! This really wasa good experiment for the littlies. Please like & share:

Experiment 5: Science in the Kitchen 0

Experiment 5: Science in the Kitchen

After many of our experiments, LD and DD want tocreate their own experiments. They add all kinds ofingredients to see what happens. In this “experiment”they added (as I recall): water, vinegar, baking soda, margarine, flour, yeast,peppermint, cinnamon, food coloring and pepper. They took it out to the garden to see what it woulddo to the ant trail. I heard that their “ant poison”worked (I was cooking dinner and didn’t observe)....

Human Body 0

Human Body

While ED and DD painted, LD wanted to workon his body — no weight lifting involved! He laydown on the paper and I did a rough outline ofhis body. Then he put together the bone puzzlefrom a book that Grams gave us. Please like & share:

Organs 0


We looked at the organs in the human body in thebook that Grams gave us and I penciled them inlightly on outline pictures of the kids’ bodies (bythis time DD wanted her outline done — and thenED immediately lay down on the paper and wantedhers done too!) I suggested to LD that he colorthe organs in (the book had them colored). Heoutlined them instead. DD and ED spent a lot...

Plate Movements on Earth Cause Earthquakes and Volcanoes 0

Plate Movements on Earth Cause Earthquakes and Volcanoes

Our last experiment (demonstration perhaps is a better word) was on plate movements. We looked at a map of the world’s plates, then made our own out of clay. On each plate was a continent (raised) and ocean (lower parts). We talked about how plates move around. Under each plate we put some magma (corn syrup and red food dye). When the plates are moving nothing happens to the magma (picture 1) Sometimes plates...

Natural Disaster — Putting the Book Together 0

Natural Disaster — Putting the Book Together

We’ve done a huge unit on natural disasters this term. LDhas been asking and asking when we could finally finishup the lapbook (which we actually put together with a combbinder). I got things ready and figured we spend theweek putting things together. LD decided he wanted todo it ALL on Monday. He barely even let me get a quicklunch together. He spent close to seven hours finishingthings up and getting...