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Hiking in the Outback 0

Going for a Hike

It’s been raining a lot. This afternoon it was just a misty drizzle, though, so I decided to take the kids out for a little hike. This is just three blocks from our house, but leads out to expansive crown lands. There were hundreds of grasshoppers and LD and DD had a fabulous time tracking down little critters! Please like & share:

Music and Games 0

Music and Games

I love music and it has always been a big part of my life.I play the oboe, guitar and piano and am learning thedulcimer. LD started learning the piano earlier this year and isdoing really well. Still, I wanted the girls to get to sing,dance and enjoy music as well. I set aside two differenttimes to do music activities during the week. One ismore for ED and the other is...

Capture the Squirrel’s Tail Game 0

Capture the Squirrel’s Tail Game

In keeping with our forest theme, we’ve played thisfun game outside the past few days. The object is to grabthe squirrel’s tail while protecting your own. In ourversion we each had a couple of tails to start out with!  FOX AND RABBIT GAME: Another good game we played this week was the  “Fox andRabbit” Game (from Family Fun website).  Two players areblind folded.  One is the fox and has to...


Bull Ant

Then we saw the dreaded bull ant (these ants are an inch long and inject an acid that REALLY hurts). Poor DD has been bitten by these several times (but not yesterday!) I was even nervous taking these photos because the ants are so aggressive! Please like & share:


Little Critters

But then after our picnic lunch we went down closer to the (now mostly dry) river bed and saw lots of little critters– a little frog, a cicada coming out of its shell and a large 6-inch/15 cm praying mantis. By the way, once the cicada has dried, it is orange and black we just happened on it in the ten minutes or so when it’s still drying and the...

Homemade Mini Golf 0

Homemade Mini Golf

LD told us the other day , “my favorite sports are soccerand mini golf.” Then he went on to ask, “can we make ourown mini golf course?” Today we pulled out lots of stuffand set up the back yard to be our own mini golf course.Luckily we have more than a few boxes from Christmas. LD’s mini golf course had 8 holes. We all had a greattime. Even ED played...


LD was very frustrated because he couldn’t get his ballto go under the chair. DD won the hole and LD was nothappy. Luckily he did well on the next several holes sothe game ended on an upbeat note! Please like & share:

Paint Popping! 0

Paint Popping!

A while back I read about a family who put paint inziploc bags and had the kids jump on them. Nowthat the weather is warming up, we decided to giveit a try. Some of the bags we filled with paint andair; some of them we had paint, vinegar and bakingsoda (to expand the bag). LD was able to pop allthe bags (and the ones without vinegar/bs “lookednicer”), but DD and...