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Jumping on the bridge 12

Snippets of our Week (for our 5-yr-old)

I’ve been meaning to put up a post about what we generally work on from day to day. But, with blogger not working for a while, I have a plethora of photos to share. So, here’s a glimpse of what DD (just turned 5) has been working on these past couple of weeks.  Her “basics” include math, reading, handwriting, music/glockenspiel, arts&crafts; and another unit-study (a lapbook in this case, but...

Piggy Bank Counting; Odd Man Out (odd-even game) 0

Piggy Bank Counting; Odd Man Out (odd-even game)

Piggy bank counting —In this activity, the kids each had their own sets of coins and ‘piggy bank.’  (DD had nickles and pennies; LD had quarters, dimes, nickles and pennies.) LD tossed his coins onto his piggy bank.  He got to ‘keep’ the ones that were heads up.  He sorted those and got rid of all the ones on ‘tails.” Before counting his coins he had to trade in his...

Math Gameboards and other stuff 5

Math Gameboards and other stuff

It’s been a long time since I mentioned these math gameboards from The School Bell.  DD and I have played these addition fact games. Let’s say DD and I were playing on the 5s gameboard. DD drew a 5 card, then she would move her piece to the next 0.  On my turn, if I drew a 4, I would move my piece to the next 1 on the board....

Math Activities 6

Math Activities

Here was a quick math activity for DD. The princess bookmarks were from here. It had been a while since LD did this place value activity, so I added this in to our other activities.  I really like the purple paper beads which I printed out from here. I bound 10 sets of 100s with a brad to make a 1000 bead bunch.  While we also have actual Montessori beads,...

Addition Math Games for Number Families 9-18 7

Addition Math Games for Number Families 9-18

I spent some time making some cards and games to work withLD on his addition facts the 9s through 18s families (so 4+5=9or 11+7=18, etc.). Each game set works with three families(so pictured below are the games for the 9s, 10s and 11s families). Addition Bingo (below):In the board below, the cards for 9s, 10s, 11s should be upside down in a pile. Each player takes a turn picking upa...

Active Math Games: 5 and 6 — Math Tail Tag; Math Monster 5

Active Math Games: 5 and 6 — Math Tail Tag; Math Monster

MATH TAIL TAG: Today after Kindergym I told the kids we weregoing to the park to play math games. Theywere pretty excited. Our first game was Math Tail Tag. The kids all had astrip of construction paper with a number on it tuckedinto our shorts. We ran around trying to protect our tailfrom being swiped and tried to swipe someone else’stail. When we got a tail, we looked at the...

Active Math Games: 1 The Math Snail 2

Active Math Games: 1 The Math Snail

This week I’m moving away from the theme time tableand am focussing on some active math games instead (Ionly have so much energy to get things organized and setto go!). The kids were beside themselves to get outside to seewhat I was up to with the chalk last night! This is a mathsnail. LD is doing the addition problems. DD is practicing either saying the number (in light pink,it’s very...

Active Math Games: 3 — Math Splat! 2

Active Math Games: 3 — Math Splat!

I drew circles and placed numbers up on theoutside wall. The kids had to dip a sponge inwater and splat a number. LD worked on the 13 number family. If hegot a 7 for example, he had to figure out whichnumber makes 13 (answer=6). This is thefirst time he’s done the 13 family, so there’sa sheet for him to look at for help. Once again DD worked on “comes after.”...

Active Math Games: 4 — Contact Paper Math 2

Active Math Games: 4 — Contact Paper Math

This week our living room carpet has been dectoratedwith math problems (we don’t have a separate homeschoolroom or area). LD’s doing the space themed additionproblems. DD is doing “what number comes next.”And ED can’t ever be left out, so she get to jump on “1,2,3!” I did this earlier in the year (with different problems) and itreally helped cement in some of LD’s addition facts. It waseasy to say “go...

Math Resource List (K-2) 4

Math Resource List (K-2)

I wrote up a list of math resources I’ve come across some time back. This is an old posting, but worth a look for math resources (websites, games, activities) you might not have come across. My kids are young, so these websites are generally for K-2. Math Resources List Part I — Addition, hundreds board, skip counting Math Resources List Part II — Time, Place Value, Money Activities, Multiplication Leave...

Skip Counting Activities 0

Skip Counting Activities

The kids were anxious to try these sheets out. DD saw me working on them last night and asked to do it this morning (she can recognize the numbers if I tell her what to look for, but doesn’t know about skip counting per se). This brought LD over and we spent quite a while doing the sheets together. I hope someone else enjoys them too. Please like & share:

Skip Counting by 3s — Activity Sheets to Download 4

Skip Counting by 3s — Activity Sheets to Download

I couldn’t find activity sheets exactly like Iwas looking for, so I made a few of my own.These sheets are for introducing skip countingfrom 3 to 36. The child simply connects thenumbers in order. I laminated the sheets sothat we can repeat them from time to time. (Sorryabout the poor quality of the photos, it was late!) By the way, I decided not to upload the chameleonpage where they simply...