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Skip Counting Songs for learning the 6s, 7s and 8s 3

Skip Counting Songs for learning the 6s, 7s and 8s

Late at night my brain often whirls with ideas.  Last spring I put the skip counting patterns to familiar tunes since LD is working on his basic multiplication facts.  For example, I put the 7s to the tune of ‘Row, Row, Row Your Boat.’  LD learned that so well I went back and created another tune for the 6s and the 8s which he’ll be working on again this fall....

Used Curriculum 0

Used Curriculum

I’ve had some good luck getting my curriculum used this year from I bought three books from homeschool classified and got prompt replies from the sellers. The books arrived quickly in the mail. The prices made me excited as I saved quite a bit buying them second-hand.  Just wanted to mention that venue if anyone else was looking around for curriculum for this fall. Please like & share:


Cute Dog-Themed Addition/Subtraction sort (age 5)

This activity was made by a teacher named Debbie. It’s called Feed the Dog and has problems such as 10-7, 12-8, 2+5 and 3+2. I saw it at Oceans of First Grade Fun. You’ll find the link to print out the game there. You might be interested in this related post: Kindergarten Math (addition games/place value activities) You might also be interested in: Free Montessori Style Addition Sheets (No Regrouping):...

Ten-Dot Cards for DD (math, age 5) 0

Ten-Dot Cards for DD (math, age 5)

I saw these ten-dot cards over at Oceans of First Grade Fun  and thought I’d give them a try for DD.  The object is to flash the card quickly, put it away and have them mentally figure out how many dots there were (2+2 or 4+4). It’s just another way of helping kids to become automatic with their number sense and basic addition facts.  DD actually likes these and we...

Counting Coins Math (DD age 5) 0

Counting Coins Math (DD age 5)

DD has been working a lot with coins and counting change recently. Coin Toss and Change Counting There’s nothing wildly original about his idea, but boy did the kids like this activity!  I just took a big handful of coins (the same for each of the kids). They took turns throwing the coins into the heart cups and then had to count their change when they had tossed all of...

6th Grade Math Learning Video Lessons (area/perimeter, etc.) 0

6th Grade Math Learning Video Lessons (area/perimeter, etc.)

Someone mentioned this math website on one of the blogs I frequent now and then.  I decided to check it out and wanted to mention it for those with kids in 5th or 6th grade. I think even LD will learn something from these short math videos. I watched two of them. They were easy to follow (from my perspective, though haven’t shown LD to get his opinion).  The ones...

Timez Attack — Multiplication Video Game 2

Timez Attack — Multiplication Video Game

If your child is learning his or her times tables, there’s a wonderful video game you can download for them to practice. The graphics are great. Timez Attack — There’s a free version or you can purchase a version that has more levels. You should check it out if you haven’t already! Please like & share:


Domino Math — PK, K and 1st Grades

DD took a domino and created an addition problem writing it on her recording sheet. We used the domino recording sheet from Mathwire. You can find more domino math ideas on the investigating dominoes page and on  this Mathwire page.There’s a cute activity also for addition called the domino parking lot with use with regular sized dominoes. ED simply counted the dots and put her wooden numbers on top of...

Catch the Mouse Game — Practicing the Six and Seven Times Tables 5

Catch the Mouse Game — Practicing the Six and Seven Times Tables

Goodness, we have been so busy here there’s hardly been any time to write.  It’s the end of the semester and many of the kids’ (and my) activities are coming to a close. There have been extra practices and parties and we’re still doing our slow but steady homeschool stuff. Lots of books and lots of games this time of year! Plus we’re finishing up some old (unfinished) lapbook projects...

This and That — Math 0

This and That — Math

 Math Monster:  I spread out various cards for the kids — multiplication problems for LD, addition problems for DD and letters to identify for ED.  I’m the math monster and try to tag the kids. If they don’t have a card they are frozen, if they have a card and can answer correctly they can go free (if they answer incorrectly they’re frozen as well). They can be unfrozen by...

Flower and Butterfly Themed Addition Cards 1

Flower and Butterfly Themed Addition Cards

I made some addition cards for DD this afternoon. We needed some new, more challenging addition cards to use with our ‘Fast Track’ board game.  DD wanted flowers and butterfly cards, so I thought I’d give it a go.  She declared that these were “beauuuuu – ti – ful.”   Hope someone else can use them. Click here to view and print out the addition cards. If you want to print out...

Math Game Board 1

Math Card Games and Gameboards (for my 5 year old)

A pack of Crazy Eight cards from the dollar store comes in handy for doing math fact games. Addition Facts Game: Each player started with five cards. There’s a discard pile and a draw pile. Each player takes a turn drawing or picking up a card from the discard pile. The first time we played, we used the numbers 0 through 6 and set the other numbers aside. We had...

Math Activities for DD (age 5) 10

Math Activities for DD (age 5)

DD has enjoyed math so far this week. In addition to a bit of work in her math workbook each day — here are some things we did together: Place Value: She is finding the numbers 500 90 and 7 and stacking them on top of each other (bottom left of pic) to make 597. These plastic place value cards are from our  Right Start Math curriculum, but can be...

2nd Grade Math: Clock Work & Other  Math Work 4

2nd Grade Math: Clock Work & Other Math Work

I saw this wonderful clock idea at Suddenly 2nd Grade — The blog appears not to be up and running any more. Anyway, LD has been working on time in intervals of 5 minutes.  This idea and the clock printout made by Mrs. Nielson is  great.  She has the bottom sheet available to print out too, but when we made it I felt it’d be better for LD to...