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Fraction Work 4th Grade 0

Fractions Work (4th Grade)

ED has been working steadily on fractions this fall.  I thought I would share what she’s been doing the last few weeks. Be sure to scroll to the bottom for the links to some free math resources. 🙂 Last spring, she quickly and easily went through the Fractions Packet.  It’s a free download here on the blog and you can print the pages with a heart-theme or just plain. 🙂...


4 Fun, Active Games for Practicing Math Facts

With the weather so beautiful, we’ve taken math outside. Don’t you love when the kids BEG and BEG for more math practice?!! So here are some of the games we’ve been playing outside… Math Sponge Toss: If it’s getting warm where you live, the kids might enjoy this activity.  We hung math problems up on the garage door with painters tape. The kids took turns trying to SPLAT their card. If...

fraction-decimal-percent-card 3

Free Math Pages: Percents – Fractions – Decimals

My son is starting a unit on percents. Below you’ll find some of the free resources I used with him as we dove into this unit. I explained that percent means “per hundred” or “of a hundred.”  We started with these free sheets from worksheet fun that have some of the blocks in a hundred squared shaded in. It was easy to see that 84% was 84 of a hundred…...