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More Math Addition Activities — 2 2

More Math Addition Activities — 2

Math balance from Right Start Math — my kids love to play with this;=53 LD was SO excited when he saw it out today. “Hey Mom, it checks my answers!” By the way, our dining room table is always covered in stuff… sigh… DD just loves doing math when LD has math time. She literally comes running down the hall if LD and I are going to do another...

Math Addition Activities -3 0

Math Addition Activities -3

Egg carton toss — They threw two pom-poms into the egg carton and added the numbers together. They could use the abacus if they wanted. Math Monster– (ie. Freeze Tag!) Give the child the ANSWER and spread the equations around the back yard. You are the Monster trying to freeze them before they get the correct answer. If you tag them and they think they have the right answer, they...

Math Addition Activities – 7 0

Math Addition Activities – 7

I’m not sure this exactly qualifies as addition (it’s also logic, strategy and so forth), but LD got this award winning card game for his birthday and LOVES it. It is called Rat-a-tat-Cat The premise is that you have to get rid of your rats (the high cards like 7, 8, 9) and try to get only low cards. You can not look at your face down card unless you...