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Christmas Math Tracks Game 0

Christmas Math Tracks Game

Because of our road trip and swim lessons, we haven’t been doingmuch in the way of academic school work lately, but I thoughtI’d share a math-game I put together this weekend.  This is a place value game I made using two sets of dominoes pictures from Both LD (6) and DD (age 4) enjoyed playing the game, thoughI only had LD tell me the number value of the dice(ie. saying...

A Place Value Game 0

A Place Value Game

Each player gets one figure (Santa, Rudolphor the snowman in each of the four colors) On the player’s turn he/she rolls all four dice and placesthe proper color on the dice board. (See 2nd picture) The player moves each of his/her Rudolphs (orSantas or Snowmen) the number of spaces indicatedby that color dice. I have my older child say one thousand, two thousand, etc.or ten, twenty, thirty, etc. as he...

Fudge Cookies 0

Fudge Cookies

I love this recipe and it’s really easy to make, especiallyif you need something quick and easy for holidaycelebrations. They are VERY rich. MELT:1 cup semi-sweet choc. chips2 oz (2 squares) unsweetened choc, chopped2 Tbsp. butter ADD and MIX:2/3 cup sugar2 eggs1/4 cup all-purpose flour1 tsp. vanilla1/4 tsp. b. powder1 cup chopped pecans or other nut BAKE:8-10 minsat 170/350 in the oven By the way, you can store this dough...

Christmas Ornament Activity 0

Christmas Ornament Activity

Here’s a little activity I put together for theseason. I got some cheap little ornamentsto hang on this little Christmas tree. I madethe tree out of pipe cleaners and placed someself-hardening clay in a little plastic cup sothe tree would stand up. I wound up needinga bit more support for the tree, so used thebottom of a paper cup to make it a little morestable. Please like & share:

Christmas Lacing Cards 0

Christmas Lacing Cards

The girls have been enjoying these Christmas lacingcards from I used some yarn with a short pipe-cleaner twistedtogether at the end instead of a needle. Please like & share: