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Homeschooling in November December - A Busy Time of Year - Free Printable Packet 0

Homeschooling in November – December (A Busy Time of Year!)

Homeschooling during the period between Thanksgiving and Christmas can be particularly trying/demanding.  There are more events on as the semester comes to an end.  On the homeschool front, we are often finishing up big projects and wrapping up units before taking an extended break.  But there are a lot of other things going on too! There are holiday-themed parties and get-togethers. There are concerts. There also more demands on our...

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Holiday Writing Prompt Ideas & Free Christmas Writing Paper

My girls thought it would be really fun to spend some time writing about the holidays and writing Christmas stories. 20+ Holiday Writing Prompt Ideas Here are just a few of them: If I could do one thing to make the world a better place this year, what would it be? What is your favorite (and/or least favorite) thing about this time of year? Write a story about the lost...

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20 Free Christmas and Holiday Printables

Can you believe December has arrived?!  Today I want to highlight some of the free Christmas and Holiday Freebies we have tucked away on the blog. There are all kinds of Christmas math worksheets from PreK games and addition/subtraction worksheets to multiplication, division, factoring and beyond!  Plus, you’ll find a spelling game (Long I sounds), free music games, and foreign language sheets to practice learning holiday words in Spanish or...


Free Holiday-Themed Addition and Subtraction Worksheets

Friday Freebies! Today I have a fun set of addition and subtraction worksheets for those of you with kids working on their math facts.  In the beginning of the packet are some basic addition problems.  The last few pages have double-digit addition and subtraction with carrying and borrowing. I hope someone can use these! These are free to download! ~Liesl Free Holiday Addition and Subtraction Worksheets If you browse around...

Spanish Christmas Worksheets - Palabras de Navidad 3

Free Spanish Worksheets: Christmas Words – Palabras de Navidad

It’s the holiday season and today we have some Christmas word cards and worksheets for those of you who are helping your kids to learn Spanish! This year, I teamed up with Sra. Morato from Homeschool Spanish Curriciulum to create a series of  free Spanish worksheets for you. This is the 5th post in this series. Sra. Morato teaches Spanish classes online. She is a native Spanish speaker and has...


Factoring Practice Worksheets – Holiday Theme

Last week I made a couple of factoring math worksheets for my daughter. These worksheets are only suitable for kids who know all of their multiplication facts (otherwise it would be very frustrating and a bit over their heads). I needed to make a couple worksheets more because she had problems like this in her math book, but she found them quite challenging. In this worksheet, she has to find...

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FREE Sight Word and CVC Holiday Activity Packet

Today’s holiday freebie is for those of you whose kids are just starting to read. It is 30-pages and has six sets of words that kids can work on: 2-letter sight words Bob Book Words (from Bob Books Set 1, affiliate link) CVC-Words -at, -it, -ot, -ut CVC Words -ad, -id, -od, -ud CVC Words -ag, -ig, -og, -ug CVC Words -an, -in, -on, -un Each set has a matching...


Free Multiplication and Division Holiday Math Worksheets

Today I have a new set of math worksheets to share with you. This is another set I made for my daughter. These pages include multiplication and division math facts plus a few double-digit multiplication problems and long division problems. I hope someone can use them. 🙂 They are free to download! Free Multiplication and Division Worksheets Holiday-Theme If these are too advanced for your child, you might check out...


Addition – Subtraction FREE Christmas Math Worksheets

Friday Freebies is Back! It’s fitting to start up this series again when everyone is searching for a deal on Black Friday! Today, we have a set of free Christmas math addition and subtraction practice worksheets for you!  These sheets are for kids still working on their basic addition and subtraction facts. Addition-Subtraction FREE Christmas Math Worksheets (Stay tuned for a more advanced set of addition-subtraction Christmas worksheets in a...


A Checklist for Surviving and Enjoying the Holiday Period!

Keeping on top of things During the Holidays! Homeschooling in the next 6 or 7 weeks promises to be very hectic.  Not only are we balancing daily school work, but there are other pressures on our time… holiday parties, shopping, decorating, communicating with far-away friends and family.  Rather than getting swept away by holiday stress, be proactive and make sure you know what challenges are coming up! Holiday Preparations: Cards:...


Happy Holidays!

I love our breaks as much as the kids do!  It’s a time to relax, re-group, and get refreshed and reinvigorated for another semester!  Time-off is as important to our homeschool as going full-tilt with school! It’s time to kick back, read and relax a bit, enjoy the family and the holiday season! Wishing your family a wonderful holiday season! ~Liesl and the Kids   Please like & share:


Christmas Math Review Sheets (Grade 2) – Free

Here are a few math review sheets I put into ED’s math workbox this week.  (I almost forgot to share it!)  So better late than never, right?!!  These pages have a little bit of everything–addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.  She has just started on double-digit multiplication, but she likes having “fun” math sheets too. Hope someone else can use these! 🙂 ~Liesl  Christmas Math Worksheets   You might be interested...


Christmas Addition – Subtraction Worksheets (Minecraft, Pete the Cat, etc!)

Today I wanted to share some of the free Christmas-themed addition and subtraction materials I’ve made for the kids over the years. Here are some basic addition worksheets. These are for kids still working on their basic addition facts: Christmas Pets Addition Practice Worksheets Last year, my kids were especially wild about Minecraft.  ED asked for some Christmas Creeper practice pages… It seemed easy enough to make, so I made...