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World War II History

This semester we have been studying World War II history. It’s been such a fascinating unit, I wanted to share with you what we’ve done so far! We have jumped ahead in time to pick up where we left off last spring in modern history.  Last year we studied the growth of imperialism & nationalism, WWI, the Russian Revolution, the Great Depression and some Chinese History. We read a number...

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What is a History Portfolio Project?

History Portfolio Projects have student focus on one theme, topic or time period and can include an array of writing, art, and geography assignments that are compiled together in a final product. While we did a couple of portfolio projects when the kids were in elementary (age 8 -10 or so), Portfolio Project really become a powerful tool during the middle and high school years! History portfolio projects require students...

World War II Portfolio Project 2

WWII Portfolio Project

I received several emails and a message from people interested in the WWII Portfolio Project I made for LD. So, here it is! My son is doing some research work on WWII. Except for reading some novels last year (like Number the Stars), we have not covered this topic at all… He has been doing quite a bit of reading and has watched a video before jumping into the project ideas...