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How to Make a Pin Map of Europe

We are heading off to Europe in our world music class this week and to get ready for that, I made a pin map of Europe.  I’ll explain how I made mine in case someone else finds it useful. Step 1: I printed off a blank map of Europe from  I also printed off the labeled Europe map from that same website as a control. I laminated these two...


Japan: Geography, Music and Culture Unit (PreK; Grade 2)

The theme of our music class these next two or three weeks is Japan.  Each week we sang the continent song together.  This week, we pulled out a new kind of map, a Montessori flag map.  We learned where Japan was located and placed the flags we knew on the map.  Then everybody piled outside to do a scavenger hunt for Japanese flags. (from Japanese Flag printables) We then looked...


Australia — Music and Culture

In our music class we are covering music from different places around the world.  Easiest for me was starting with some music from Australia!  I talked more about this in another post below.  One of the outside activities everyone did this past week was to make their own dot painting. The picture on the left is a dot painting that we bought in central Australia about 10 years ago.  It...

Geography 0


This week reviewed the seven continents (and sang the continent song).  We used a different map than the one pictured here and moved magnetic continents to the correct place on the map.  DD asks again and again, “Do we live in America now?” Even little ED has asked, “Is this home?  Daddy home? LD home?  Boomer (the dog) home?” and through the entire family.  Change is hard, I think.  ...

Country Box Exchange: Singapore 12

Country Box Exchange: Singapore

We did a country box exchange with a family who livesin Singapore. The kids were SO excited by all of thegoodies. We rushed to the map to locate Singapore,then tried playing the kids games, looked through thebrochures and postcards. We’ve done this with several families, but wewere “burned” by a family in Ireland who exchangedaddresses, but never sent anyone in our exchangegroup a reciprical package. Seems a shame and youwonder...

World Biomes Pin Map and Pieces — Download Available 0

World Biomes Pin Map and Pieces — Download Available

This post is best viewed here. I’ve added pictures and updated this post!! World Biomes Pin Map – Rain Forest, Desert, Savanna, Tundra and More I obtained permission to use the world biomes map and legend that I used to create our pin map. I went ahead and made downloadable pages for you to use. It is three pages long. The first page is the World Biomes Map and Legend,...


Rain Forest Plants Activity

Today I gathered up the various foods and spices that go along with the rain forest plant cards. The kids were intrigued and excited (“we get to TRY everything, right?!!”) To introduce the rain forests, we first did our world pin map (bottom right) and sang our continent song. Then we pulled out the biome pin map, placed the deciduous and coniferous forests (that we studied last week) and then...

Rain Forest Plant Cards 0

Rain Forest Plant Cards

So, here are the cards I made. I spent a long time lastnight trying to see if I could link a nice picture from Scribd,but had to give up. Here are some photos, though clickingon the links below or on the sidebar will give you the niceversion to download. I laminated my cards, sorry for the flash spots! Please like & share:


Ancient Greece — Geography Project (part 1)

This project idea was adapted from Ancient Greece!: 40 Hands-On Activities to Experience This Wondrous Age (Kaleidoscope Kids Books). (affiliate link) We bought some self-hardening clay and looked at various maps to make a map of Greece with its many islands. Obviously Mom had a hand in forming the mainland areas of Greece and Asia Minor (now Turkey). The kids did all of the islands. We’ve been reading Mary Pope...


Ancient Greece Geography Project — Aegean Sea (part 2)

We added labels to our map of ancient Greece. Then we took turns adding deep blue water and making the Aegean Sea! It was a good lesson on much more than just the geography of ancient Greece. Some of the islands were covered by the water. We talked about the fact that there are mountains under the oceans. We also talked about the fact that when the levels of the...


Ancient Egypt — Geography Project

Last year we did a unit on Ancient Egypt. We really got a lot out of that geography project as well and I thought I’d share it (since we started this blog after that). We shoveled sand into the container, then laid down a aluminium foil river bed (so the water didn’t all wash away). Then we placed fertile soil on the aluminium foil and “flooded it” and watched the...


Biomes Pin Map

Today we started our big unit on biomes (deserts, forests, tundra, etc.) and animal habitats. I’m so excited about the pin map I made! I bought the picture cards set of biomes from (for $2.00 US). I printed them out along with some of the smaller photos.  (See the photo below this post.) I printed out the world biome map and the key from Then I combined the...


World Biomes — Homemade Pin Map

World Biomes Pin Map – Rain Forest, Desert, Savanna, Tundra and More For the map and pieces to this map click the link above!! I was pretty excited with how this turned out! I made this over the Christmas holidays and have been itching to show the kids. What do you think?!!  This is the full version, but I’ll be using it piece-meal as we cover a new biome. Again, continue on to this...