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Helping Kids (and Yourself) Cope with Trauma; Crisis Planning Materials 0

Helping Kids (and Yourself) Cope with Trauma; Crisis Planning Materials

I wasn’t sure just quite when to share this material with the holidays and all, but I thought it was definitely worth spreading the word about these useful materials.  The U.S. Department of Education has put out a number of publications in the past few years on the topics of safety, crime and violence. Personally, I didn’t want to tell the kids about the tragic events in Newtown, Connecticut… but...

Why You Shouldn’t Reward Kids for Learning 7

Why You Shouldn’t Reward Kids for Learning

Plato: Knowledge that is acquired under compulsion obtains no hold on the mind. This past summer we chose not to participate in our library’s reading program. At one point, we were chatting with a librarian and she asked if the kids were doing the library’s summer reading program. She was shocked when I told her we weren’t participating this year. “May I ask why?” she wanted to know. I had a...

Aesop’s Fables – Free Book, Free App 0

Aesop’s Fables – Free Book, Free App

In our daily biography a few days ago we learned about Aesop, a Greek slave and story teller who is said to have lived 620-565 BC. Each fable contains a cautionary, ageless moral. And just in time for us, the Library of Congress released Aesop’s Fables Interactive Book. When you click on the link you can either read the fables on your computer or you can get the app for...

Digital Tools Your Child Can Master 0

Digital Tools Your Child Can Master

Technology in Education and in your Homeschool (Part 2) Last week I talked about how you can incorporate video, audio and educational apps into your homeschool. This week’s post talks about how your child/student can use tools to create their own projects that use photos, diagrams, audio, visual components including interactive animations,  3D animations and/or video content.  Your child can use a wide range of tools to create stunning videos,...

Celebrating Moms! 0

Celebrating Moms!

20 Things to Keep Yourself, Your Household, and Your Homeschool Fresh and Inspired We are a homeschooling family, so the kids are always with me. Always.  I find I need to remember to take care of myself in this equation. With Mother’s Day just a couple days away this seemed like the perfect time to think about how we Moms can celebrate and take care of ourselves.  This is a...

The Future of Space Exploration as the Space Shuttle Program Ends 2

The Future of Space Exploration as the Space Shuttle Program Ends

We learned some really amazing space missions are in development!  Last week we watched the Space Shuttle Discovery in awe as it flew close by our house towards its final destination. The Space Shuttle Program has truly come to an end. We went to see the space shuttle is in its new home at the Udvar-Hazy National Air and Space Museum, but we were surprised to learn just how much...

Thanksgiving Freebies 0

Thanksgiving Freebies

I came across a number of free Thanksgiving activity packs and thought I’d share those for anyone who might be interested in the next week or so:  Thanksgiving Activity Pack from Itsy Bitsy Learners  Thanksgiving Fun Book from The Simple Homeschool   If you like this pack, you might want to pop over to The Simple Homeschool and register for their newsletter. From Dec. 1-12 they will be giving away...

Skip Counting Songs for learning the 6s, 7s and 8s 3

Skip Counting Songs for learning the 6s, 7s and 8s

Late at night my brain often whirls with ideas.  Last spring I put the skip counting patterns to familiar tunes since LD is working on his basic multiplication facts.  For example, I put the 7s to the tune of ‘Row, Row, Row Your Boat.’  LD learned that so well I went back and created another tune for the 6s and the 8s which he’ll be working on again this fall....

Used Curriculum 0

Used Curriculum

I’ve had some good luck getting my curriculum used this year from I bought three books from homeschool classified and got prompt replies from the sellers. The books arrived quickly in the mail. The prices made me excited as I saved quite a bit buying them second-hand.  Just wanted to mention that venue if anyone else was looking around for curriculum for this fall. Please like & share:

Reorganizing The Homeschool Den’s Links 3

Reorganizing The Homeschool Den’s Links

I developed this blog in large part for me.  It helps me keep a record of what we’ve done and it also helps me stay organized and keep track of websites where I’ve gotten activity ideas and printables.  You should see my drafts!!  Whenever I’m cruising around trying to find information and activities for new units I create a “draft” and link lots of the websites I come across. I...


St Patrick’s Day Units — Free Downloads, Printables, etc.

There are such wonderful resources out there for those of you planning to do some St. Patrick’s Day activities with your kids. Here are some of the free St. Patrick’s Day units and printables I’ve come across this past week: Irish-themed letters (lower and upper case), numbers (0-20) and phonics cards; Powerpoint Explanation about St. Patrick and how he brought Christianity to Ireland Musings of Me — St. Patrick’s Day Teacher’s...

Wonderful Valentine’s Day Math Activities (for K or 1st) 4

Wonderful Valentine’s Day Math Activities (for K or 1st)

I’ve come across a number of beautiful Valentine’s Day math activities that I plan to use this week with DD. They are so pretty and well done, I just had to share in case someone else might want to incorporate them into their week! I wish I had the time (and health!…I still have a vicious cough from the pneumonia.) to be making such beautiful things, but at the moment...

Save the Egg Penguin Game —  and — Antarctic Animal Game 2

Save the Egg Penguin Game — and — Antarctic Animal Game

DD enjoyed this penguin computer game.  The object was to move your penguin around to keep the egg warm by avoiding the other penguins and obstacles or predators that might get in your way.  Here’s the link: Also at the national geographic website was a crittercam game. She had to spot the various animals of Antarctica — the Emperor Penguin, krill, skua and other things.  Finally, she played a...