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Jumping on the bridge 12

Snippets of our Week (for our 5-yr-old)

I’ve been meaning to put up a post about what we generally work on from day to day. But, with blogger not working for a while, I have a plethora of photos to share. So, here’s a glimpse of what DD (just turned 5) has been working on these past couple of weeks.  Her “basics” include math, reading, handwriting, music/glockenspiel, arts&crafts; and another unit-study (a lapbook in this case, but...

The Prepared Environment 6

The Prepared Environment

I love visiting people’s blogs when they share a good overview of their daily activities (workboxers call it “What’s in the Box?”). It’s been in the back of my mind to share what’s in our workboxes, but haven’t gotten around to that.  Instead, I’ll share some the other aspects of our homeschool environment. Montessori talks a lot about having a prepared environment, one in which the children can choose from...

Planning and Preparation for the New Year 10

Planning and Preparation for the New Year

We’ve pretty much resorted to ‘natural learning’ these past two months as we travel from state to state making our way to our new home.  But in the meantime, I have been planning and preparing for the new school year to come. We use a smattering of curriculum resources which I distribute into workboxes and centers. While we do most workboxes, most days we don’t have a set orders to...