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Mid-Year Homeschool Assessment Packet: Evaluate, Reflect and Assess How Things Are Going

Free Mid-Year Homeschool Assessment Packet About this time of year, I get itchy.  I know that the holidays are coming up and we will take a well-deserved break! Right around the holidays, I also take the time to think about how things are going. Today, I wanted to share this Free Homeschool Assessment Packet with you (I updated and expanded it a bit this year.). This packet has several pages...

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Homeschool Summer Checklist – Getting Ready for the New School Year!

This is a checklist of things you can do now, to get ready for the new school year! Is part of your end-of-summer vision to feel prepared for back-to-school? This checklist will help you slowly and steadily get ready for the new school year! It is mid-summer, but lingering in the back of our minds is that school will be here before we know it. We want to take advantage...

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Homeschool Planning – Free Daily Checklist Sheets … Plus Life Then & Now!! (Pics)

We had a really long, really lovely spring break. One of the really fun things was visiting a zoo where we could all feed the kangaroo, camel and other animals. That brought us fond memories of living in the Outback. Down below I will share some old photos of the kids from our days in Australia (we lived their for 12 years and the kids were all born there)… but...