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Toddler and Preschooler Activities — A Big Long List!

About six months ago I made a huge list of things to do with my preschooler. This weekend I’ve been going through that list again for my daughter and I thought I’d mention it again on the blog for those of you who might have missed it. Here are some of the kinds of activities we’ve done: Again, here is the printable list if you would like to download a...


Beginning Reader Worksheet Pack to Accompany the Bob Books

We are using the Bob Books to help ED learn to read. She is just learning to sound out CVC words. While my other two kids learned to read early (age 3) using the Bob Book series (and others), my third child has her own pace and style of learning.  She is excited about writing words, loves to color, and has amazing pencil skills.  I made these worksheets for her. These would never (never,...


Preschool Board Games

Today I want to share a couple of amazing preschool board games that ED really loves! ED turned four a couple of weeks ago. I always ask the kids what kind of cake they want.  ED wanted a Beyblade cake (the spinning top that you see down to the right of the cake).  Funny, huh?! I’m no major cake maker but the kids love helping to make their own birthday...


Preschool Routine, Mondays

ED’s Monday Routine: The idea of planning all this is so that I can change up ED’s activities, keep them fresh, interesting with the minimum of thought on my part.  I expect to skip days, but then I’ll just pick up on the appropriate day and continue on.  The routine is (hopefully) to make it easier on me to keep things engaging for ED. Mailbox Letters and Scavenger Hunt Montessori...


St Patrick’s Day Units — Free Downloads, Printables, etc.

There are such wonderful resources out there for those of you planning to do some St. Patrick’s Day activities with your kids. Here are some of the free St. Patrick’s Day units and printables I’ve come across this past week: Irish-themed letters (lower and upper case), numbers (0-20) and phonics cards; Powerpoint Explanation about St. Patrick and how he brought Christianity to Ireland Musings of Me — St. Patrick’s Day Teacher’s...

Fall Fun (Indoor Activities-counting,letters, crafts, etc.) 2

Fall Fun (Indoor Activities-counting,letters, crafts, etc.)

We’ve been enjoying fall both inside and out! This post has actually gotten quite long, so I’ll post more of our outdoor adventures in a bit.  Here are some of the fall-themed activities we’ve been up to inside.  Here are some more activities I’ve had ready to pull out for ED when I’m working with the older kids. I just want to add that suddenly ED gets it!  She’s easily...

Snowflake Math (2 1/2 yr old’s activity) 8

Snowflake Math (2 1/2 yr old’s activity)

Since we had our first frost last week, I guess it’s okay to bring in some snowflake-themed math, right?  Actually, I just stopped by a hobby store and saw the pretty snowflake ornaments. Since ED is STILL doing the spider counting, I thought it was about time to change it up for her as she ALWAYS comes running when I tell DD or LD that it’s math time. ED is...


Snippets of our Week (for our 2 1/2 yr old)

I’ve had a hard time getting to the computer this week (more about that in another posting). I have about four posts I’ve been working on–Snippets of DD’s week–age 5, LD’s week – age 7 and my week, not to mention posting pictures of DD’s completed butterfly lapbook. But now these are rather looonnnggg because it’s taken so long to get these posted. So, in reality these are snippets of the...

Preschool Games 0

Preschool Games

In this game, I made a number of dice with the numbers0-56-1010-15Each player chooses the mouse they want to be. Theneach player choose one die for that round. Both/allplayers roll their dice and pick up that number ofcookies for their mouse. Spin the spinner for that round and see who the “winner/s”was/were. cookies were from: cute activities relating to If You Give A MouseA Cookie from Belinda Mooney are at:

Preschool – Tot Bag Activites 0

Preschool – Tot Bag Activites

As you probably know, we’re getting ready to leaveAustralia. The packers come next Tuesday, soI’ve been quite busy. Our suitcases are mostlypacked with the things we’ll need/use for thenext 3-4 months. I thought I’d share thisbag of preschool -tot activities I put together.We’ll be spending a week here, a week therefor a couple of months, so this should be a goodcollection of small things to pull out when inneed in...