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Food Groups Sorting 0

Food Groups Sorting

This activity would be easy to create by clippingfood items from an advertisement. I got mine on saleat some point. There’s also a free file folder game at kids can sort items into grains, fruit, vegies,milk and meat. Anyway, here is DD sorting foods into the variousfood groups. PS — When I was talking to my hubby about the“food pyramid” he said, “Oh no, that’s outdated.”  HappilyI could say that...

Spaghetti Art 0

Spaghetti Art

For this activity we needed cooked spaghetti (we usedfettuccine), bits of yarn or string and glue. We had onebowl of plain glue, and a bowl of glue + red food coloringanother with glue/yellow and another with glue/green. This activity worked best when I had them use a fork.My kids didn’t dip it in well enough to get a lot of glue.They really needed to stir it around a bit (and...

Camouflage Animals 0

Camouflage Animals

The kids did this quick camouflage activity (from Take itTo Your Seat Science Centers, Grade 1-2). We alsodid an online game trying to find the camouflaged animals.Find the frog, ibex, snakes, fox, insects, turtles and more.The kids played that for a little bit, but we also just enjoyedlooking at images on the computer such as this websiteabout animals that change colors: Please like & share:

Preschool Peek — Fruits and Vegies and Where’s the Fairy? 0

Preschool Peek — Fruits and Vegies and Where’s the Fairy?

Here’s a peek at a couple things DD did this week in herworkbox. The plant sorting activity was from goes along well with some plant related games from theTake it to your Seat Science Centers we’ve had in theworkboxes this week. Where’s the Fairy? — Reading/Word GameThe second activity uses Ami’s household word cards atHomeschool Share– Workboxables. Since DD is on thecusp of learning to read (but doesn’t want...

Preschool Peek– Word family activities and more… 0

Preschool Peek– Word family activities and more…

Here are a few things DD has done this week: Letter stamping from (membershipwebsite) DD has really enjoyed word related file folder games thisweek and has asked to do lots of them each day. Hereare a few examples of what she did: Sunflower Sight Words: The “it word” matching came from page 15 of There are more word family activities at Carl’s Corner: Frog two-letter sight words: can...

The Real Preschool Day 0

The Real Preschool Day

As I was out walking our dog this evening, I was thinkingabout my preschool posts. Just considering what I post, Ireally haven’t given a good view of what DD’s “preschoolday” really looks like. I would say the majority of theday is spent in creative play. She plays elaborate gameswith her stuffed animals, plastic animals, and doll house. She builds things with legos and K’nex with LD. She playsoutside. She, LD...

The Real Preschool Day (cont.) 0

The Real Preschool Day (cont.)

Several times a day, DD sits down to draw, make cardsand “practice writing.” She does this when LD writes inhis journal or practices his handwriting. I never suggestany of this, she chooses to do this on her own. Stickers,crayons, paper, glue and sequins are always out andavailable. (That means that the dining room table ispretty much always covered with “stuff.”) She and LD both enjoy arts and crafts and we...

Where the Wild Things Are Artwork 0

Where the Wild Things Are Artwork

I saw this art project at Deep Space Sparkle. The kidswere enthusiastic to give it a go. She explains it betterthan I do, but essentially they drew the monster withoil pastels and then used water colors over top. I was amazed at how little guidance they neededonce I explained the steps.  Even DD needed very,very little help.  It is interesting that since doing this art project, DD’sdrawings of people now...

Math Game: Color Exchange Game (Grouping 10) 0

Math Game: Color Exchange Game (Grouping 10)

In this game you need some counters (we used coloredtiles) and a deck of cards without the jokers, 10s or picturecards. Each player takes a turn. The player turns over a cardand adds that many tiles to her paper. (DD had to addyellow tiles, I added red tiles.) After she placed her tileson the yellow paper, she had to determine if there weremore than 10 tiles. If so, she took...

Preschool Time 0

Preschool Time

DD did the sorting activity again and then we pulled outplaydough and she formed the first letter of each word. ED enjoyed taking the wooden letters and sticking theminto the playdough! Please like & share:


Preschool Letter Activities

This week I’ve been putting a letter sorting activity in DD’s workbox. I chose a small toy/item, wrote that word on a piece of paper and had the first letter of that word (in lower and upper case letters) that she had to sort into rows. She’s also been finding the letters to make words and has been quite motivated to do that. Other related posts you might be interested...

Picasso Project — 2 0

Picasso Project — 2

Today we looked a bit more closely at Picasso’s “Still Life.”We did our versions of a still life (complete with lots of‘eyes’). I had the kids draw one continuous line that crossedover itself. Then they filled in the figures using oil pastels. The kids really like the vibrant colors of the oil pastels. You are looking at DD’s picture (and the small print Imade of Picasso’s painting). Please like &...