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Preschool Activities 1

Preschool Activities

Matching foam itemsPracticing Buttoning (I sewed the green felt strips andbuttons onto the blue felt backing.)  I don’t remember where I sawthis idea.  If you’ve seen this on another blog let me know and I’llprovide the link for others. Straw pieces on plastic string (or pipe cleaners) Please like & share:

Preschool Activities — Matching letters 0

Preschool Activities — Matching letters

There are ALL kinds of letter matching activities out on theweb. Sorry, I forget where I got the spider/web one butthis is an activity I keep in the preschool box and/or throwinto the workboxes every now and then. (If I have a chance I’ll try to remember to put a few linksto file folder letter matching games here later.) Please like & share: