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Easter Themed Montessori Math (preK, K) 3

Easter Themed Montessori Math (preK, K)

‘Bead’ Rabbits and Skip Counting by 10 Montessori math has kids working a lot with beads. But for this work, I made some Easter-themed manipulatives for ED to work with.   I made a set of Easter eggs for skip-counting by 10s. She also used some 100-square rabbits. I printed out a number of copies and cut them into strips of 10 and into single bunnies as well.  It’s just...

Preschool Activities 0

Preschool Activities

While the other kids are working on their things, ED has lots of preschool activities in her workboxes. Here are a few things she’s done this past week or so: We played memory using -at words. We are going through “My -at book.” ED says the initial sound and then I help her smash the sounds together. This is definitely an activity we do together as she is not reading...

Preschool Math: numbers greater than 10 4

Preschool Math: numbers greater than 10

ED is ready to tackle the teen numbers. She often skips some of the numbers after 13. I am using a homemade version of the Montessori seguin board (download the packet I made here).  It’s a board with lots of 10s in a row. The child then places a digit over the zero to make 11, 12, 13, etc. 1) First ED counted the number of animals. 2) Then she...


Forest Unit

We have had so much fun with this forest unit so far.  We’ve done a ton of crafts and coloring. The kids colored in these cute owl pages (which are no longer available – The kids did a simple fall craft we got at oriental trading: All the kids have been doing the forest animal sorts and we talked once again about vertebrate and invertebrate animals. The kids sorted...


Preschool Routine, Mondays

ED’s Monday Routine: The idea of planning all this is so that I can change up ED’s activities, keep them fresh, interesting with the minimum of thought on my part.  I expect to skip days, but then I’ll just pick up on the appropriate day and continue on.  The routine is (hopefully) to make it easier on me to keep things engaging for ED. Mailbox Letters and Scavenger Hunt Montessori...

Science Sorts —  Our Montessori Science Work, Fall 2011 4

Science Sorts — Our Montessori Science Work, Fall 2011

Over the past few years, we have done a lot of Montessori science work.  This year I compiled a review notebook and will let DD and LD work on this as they are interested (ED will be introduced to these for the first time this year).  Mostly I expect the older ones to cut out pictures from magazines and write on these sheets (pages 5 and beyond in the pack). ...

Animal Notebook Pages 0

Animal Notebook Pages

This year I hope to introduce my older kids to researching things on their own.  We’ll be going over a lot of the Montessori zoology curriculum again, so I thought I’d create a page to help guide them. For what it’s worth, I’ll share that with you all too.Animal Notebook Page (for the kids to do research on their own about animals they are interested in). Animal Discovery Notebook page...

Montessori and Motivation (Article) 0

Montessori and Motivation (Article)

I mentioned a few days ago that I’ve been seriously reassessing how our homeschool runs.  I’m pretty excited about some of the changes I’d like to make– creating more structure yet giving them more independence,   or another way of putting that… creating academic work time yet giving them freedom within that, working with them on goal-setting,  creating the environment that gives them that autonomy.I read the book The Montessori Controversy...

US Landmarks and Symbols Cards 23

US Landmarks and Symbols — free 3-part Montessori cards

I made some Montessori 3-part cards for the kids for our study of some of the well-known landmarks and symbols of the United States. These cards include landmarks such as the Statue of Liberty, the Grand Canyon, Yellowstone, the White House, Mount Rushmore and more. You can download the  US Landmarks and Symbols Cards at this link.  We used these cards by talking about where they were located and placing them on our giant...


How to Make a Pin Map of Europe

We are heading off to Europe in our world music class this week and to get ready for that, I made a pin map of Europe.  I’ll explain how I made mine in case someone else finds it useful. Step 1: I printed off a blank map of Europe from  I also printed off the labeled Europe map from that same website as a control. I laminated these two...

Layers of the Rainforest Activity 0

Layers of the Rainforest Activity

After talking about the various layers of the rainforest and why animals would live in particular levels of the forest, the kids sorted the animal cards into the various layers. You can find lots of information online about the layers of the rainforest; I made my own cards and explanations. It’s available over in right sidebar downloads area if anyone’s interested. Please like & share:

Rainforest Animal Habitat (3-part card work) 0

Rainforest Animal Habitat (3-part card work)

I don’t think I ever talked about the kids’ sorting of the rainforest animals. We have two packs of 3-part cards — the Amazon and the African rainforest animals. Both sets of cards are from the Montessori Print Shop for less than $2US each. As always, we started with our continent song and the general pin map of the 7 continents (not shown in the photos here). Then we looked...


Preschool Activity — Where do things come from?

Where do things come from cards. I also collected bits and pieces to add to the sorting activity (a cotton ball, a toy sheep and cow, thread, yarn, a wool hat, a piece of paper etc) These Montessori Cards come from Montessori for Everyone and are free at: Please like & share: