Clocks – Telling Time Matching Activity and Practice Worksheets

It’s the Friday Freebie again!

When my kids were younger, we used a clock matching activity regularly to make sure the kids got the hang of being able to read an analog clock.  Today I have shared a new printable with you!

This will be free for the next week!  You can grab this pdf by clicking the link or picture below.

Clocks – Telling Time Activities Clocks - Telling Time Matching Activity and Practice Worksheets

You might be interested in our K-2 Math BUNDLE: It is one of the best Bundles we have available… with more than 20 pdfs at just $5.50. 🙂  I’ve just had fun making these worksheets and keep adding to the bundle!

This Clocks-Telling Time pdf is available free for a short time, but it has also been added to the K-2 BUNDLE. If you already purchased this math bundle, you should have received a notification about that a couple of weeks ago. You can always email me if you need the download link again!

Here are some pictures of what is included:

If you have questions, feel free to email me! ~Liesl

K-2 Math BUNDLEAddition Subtraction - Cars Worksheet PacketMontessori-Style-Addition-WorksheetsDragon Math Packet for Ages 4-6

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Mixed Math Practice Freebie

  • We play all kinds of games in our homeschool (related to things we are studying).  I love when the kids BEG to play just one more round!  Here’s a FREE math game board set I made last spring! This can be used with *any* math facts.  This is the addition/subtraction facts & number recognition. You’ll also find the version with  a set of cards for multiplication/division here.

Ultimate Math Game Board - FREE!

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