Spanish Worksheet Bundle – colores, formas y figuras, mascotas, numeros

I am excited to let you know that I have just released the second Spanish BUNDLE – Spanish Basics – Numbers, Shapes, Pets, Numbers – colores, formas o figuras, mascotas, numeros.

In this unit, students will learn the colors in Spanish and then will go on to be able to describe and count different shapes and many different types of pets.

Spanish Worksheet BUNDLE Set 2 - colores formas figuras mascotas numeros - colors shapes pets numbersThis program builds progressively from unit to unit, so students continue to use, practice and build their Spanish vocabulary!

Sra. Morato and I have also been receiving emails and requests to see if the Spanish Worksheet Packets are available for purchase.  Some of you speak Spanish, but want the support of a worksheets geared for kids. We have decided to make these available for purchase. Eventually there will be 12 Spanish Worksheet Bundles (each bundle with 4 sub-units.)!

If you are interested in a complete online Spanish course with pronunciation videos, online flashcards, games and quizzes, and support from a native Spanish teacher (with more than 20 years of teaching experience!) be sure to check out Sra. Morato’s Spanish Elementary Spanish classes as well as her middle school & high school classes for Spanish 1, 2 and 3). As we speak, they are open for enrollment!

Spanish Worksheet Bundle Set 1 introduced kids to Mi familia – the family.  Students learned the words for family members, how to introduce someone by name, vocabulary to describe your family members (artistic, shy, talented, funny, neat, studious and more), and greetings and farewells. See the Spanish Store for more details!

Spanish BUNDLE Set 1 - Mi Familia - My family

Spanish Worksheet Bundle Set 2: colores, formas o figuras, mascotas, numeros

This set includes 4 pdfs and includes worksheets, flashcards, games and more!

  • Los colores – Learn the basic colors. Work on simple sentences with the colors (La casa es verde. El gato es blanco. La iguana es verde.) Play the color board game and more! View image. (30 pages)
  • Las Formas o figuras – Learn the basic shapes (el circulo, el cuadrado, el triángulo, el rectángulo, la estrella, el diamante, el trapezoide). Describe their color and shape. Play the shape board game and more! View image. (20 pages)
  • Las Mascotas – Learn common pet names and their colors (el pájaro rojo, el caballo marrón, el pez anaranjado, el cachorro café, la tortuga verde) View image. (15 pages)
  • Los Numeros – Learn to count to 30. Practice counting shapes and pets. View image. (50 pages)

$6.99 currently $4.99

$6.99 $4.99 Spanish Set 2: BUNDLE: colores, formas y figuras, mascotas, números

Don’t forget to check your PayPal email address for the download link!

Spanish Worksheet BUNDLE Set 2 - colores formas figuras mascotas numeros - colors shapes pets numbersNote: This is a zipped file with 4 pdfs. You might need to accept the file before it downloads completely. Keep your eye on the bottom of your browser as the file downloads.

Feel free to email me if you have any questions or problems! ~Liesl

Spanish Worksheet Set 2 - packet 1 Los colores The colors Spanish WorksheetsSpanish Worksheet Set 2 - packet 2 Las formas o figuras - The Shapes Spanish WorksheetsSpanish Worksheet Set 2 - packet 3 Las Mascotas - Pets Spanish WorksheetsSpanish Worksheet Set 2 - packet 4 - Los Números - Numbers Worksheet

Let me tell you about how/why these Spanish Worksheets were created!

Sra. Morato, a native Spanish speaker and Spanish teacher with more than 20+ years of teaching experience, and I have worked for the past two years building the Spanish Elementary Program. This is an online course that builds progressively from topic to topic, using vocabulary from previous units. The Online Elementary Spanish Program includes videos, online flashcards, online games, and face-to-face classroom/speaking time with Sra. Morato. These worksheet sets are found within Sra. Morato’s Spanish Elementary Spanish Course. (See more about Sra. Morato’s Online Homeschool Spanish Program in the Spanish Store!)

Again, here’s how you can reach us and where you can find more information!:

Visit the Spanish Store.

Sra. Morato’s website:

Sra. Morato’s email:

Contact me (Liesl) for more information about the Spanish Worksheets here.

Coming Soon:

Spanish Worksheet Bundle Set 3:

My school – Classroom, School supplies, Classes,  and Activities.

Spanish Worksheet Bundle Set 4:

Los Días de la semana; Los Meses del año; Las Estaciones; El tiempo o El Clima


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