Then and Now Worksheets – Items from the Past and Present!

Today I have some fun Then and Now worksheets to share with you!  These are currently FREE to download! 🙂  They include various items from the past and present… and are perfect if you are talking with your kids about the history of Thanksgiving!

If your kids are a little older they can try to figure out how long ago these items were used – back in colonial days (1620) or at the turn of the century (1900). If your kids are younger, there are separate matching pages for the colonial period and for the turn of the century.  There is also a Then and Now cut and paste activity that your kids can do instead.

Finally, there are a number of illustrations from periods throughout time (Paleolithic, Ancient India, Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece, Middle Ages, colonial period, etc.).  There is a fill-in-the-blank option or a matching option.

I hope these come handy! Enjoy!

Currently FREE!  Just click on the link below!

Then and Now — Past and Present Packet

Then and Now Worksheets - Items from the Past and PresentClick here to save this on Pinterest

Then and Now Worksheets

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Happy Homeschooling, everyone!!  ~Liesl

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