Thermometer and Temperature Activities (Free)

These free activity pages will help your kids become familiar with how to read a thermometer. They will compare the temperatures in Fahrenheit and Celsius and will begin to recognize the temperature in winter, spring/fall or summer in Fahrenheit and/or Celsius.

Print out the thermometers on card stock.  Cut them out. Have the kids put them in order from coolest to warmest or from warmest to coolest. Remind them that they will be skip counting by 5s!

Match the thermometer with the temperatures provided.

Talk about the Celsius and Fahrenheit scales and have them compare the temperatures between the two scales.

Print out the worksheet with the seasonal pictures on them and have the kids determine what temperature it would probably be (0° C, 20° C, or 35° C or 30° F, 70° F, or 90° F)

I hope these are helpful!  ~Liesl

Thermometer – Temperature Activities – Free pdf

Thermometer and Temperature File Folder ActivitiesYou might also want to print out the (free) Daily Calendar Page as well! I made this daily calendar page for ED a number of years ago. She filled one out each morning as she needs some review on some of the spellings on the days of the week and we needed to review how to read a thermometer. I printed it out on the back of her daily checklist (something I had just started doing with the kids. Now I have tons of free checklists in our free Homeschool Planner. It’s now over 100 pages!)

Back to the Daily Calendar page I was talking about… If you are interested, you can download the Daily Calendar Page. It’s free as well!

Calendar PageThis pdf now contains two different calendar pages. Choose the one you like best. ?daily-calendar-pageIf your kids are learning Spanish, you might be interested in the Daily Calendar Page which is available in Spanish here!

Coming Soon! I have been working on a new packet, which will be available at some point this summer (late June or early July). 🙂 It has dozens of fun hands-on activities you can do with your kids.  Stay tuned for more information!
5 Senses Packet and Hands-On Activities

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Happy Homeschooling! ~Liesl

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